This is My Music This Is My Song


Hello Everyone! My name is Valorie Hope McMahon. I am a lover, a fighter, an artist and a writer. I am a mother of several amazing young men. I am a someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, neighbor, employee, boss, the girl next door, that girl down the street, I am a 3 time cancer survivor….

Ok let me rephrase that.

I have against many odds survived two different types of cancer and am currently in the process of serving the diagnosis of 3rd stage Multiple Myeloma it’s eviction notice. I do NOT have cancer. Cancer THINKS it has me, and I reckon in a sense it does. Why would I claim that as my own? It’s simple really. After years of needless suffering through useless treatments and surgeries that only stole all quality of life and left me worse than I was beforehand,  with foreign objects placed in me (transvaginal and bi lateral mesh bladder sling ) without my knowledge or permission that my body is rejecting, after being prescribed medications that caused side effect after side effect which in turn called for more medications which caused more side effects, two rounds of chemo therapy, a horrendous experience with radiation and conflicting diagnosis’s from my oncologist, my gynecologist, my family practitioner and my chiropractor (the chiropractor was correct) I set out on a journey into the world of alternative medicine. I am elated and appalled with what I have found.

Please join me in my journey. I can not promise it will be all sunshine and rainbows, or that skittles of happiness will fly out of my ass, but I can promise you will hear the truth as I know it. You will get angry at times and possibly even offended, but in all of that you will find hope, you will be led to the light and you will know this to be true THERE IS HOPE, THERE IS A CURE and the only thing stronger than fear is HOPE and it is time for humanity to join together and forge ahead in this time of great technological and medical advances I look for a great shift from an era of government desensitization into a humanitarian age where  unification is the foundation in which collective evolution of mankind shall be built upon..

Thomas Jefferson called for a revolution, I would say it has begun.

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