Where do I begin

Good Morning Folks! ( it is 5:11 am on February 21,2016)  I have been staring at this blank space for several days wondering where it is in my story that I should start because research shows that if you do not catch your reader’s attention in the first few seconds you have lost them and they will click onto something else. With that being said it is likely that I have already lost a few readers at this point, however I have faith that the people who are supposed to read this will push through the boring parts and get to what it is they need to read.

I will be 49 years old next month and I have been given the diagnosis of stage 3 multiple myeloma. The longest anyone has ever lived once they hit stage 3 is 29 months. Were I to fall prey to this diagnosis I would have one month shy of two years left here in this form on this planet.That my friends is unsettling at best and completely unacceptable. This cannot be the end. I have a lot of unfinished business and I have many things still left to do and frankly God itself could ascend from the heavens and tell me this and I would say challenge accepted because accepting defeat is not in my nature. I often refer to myself as being like a pit bull I get my teeth in something and I do not let go until it has long since bled out….

The first time I was given a death sentence from the men in white my son Marc was in the first grade. I had bled for 196 days straight, weighed 92 lbs and would pass out several times a day. They took my driver’s license,  (still haven’t given it back ) told me to get my affairs in order and gave me a bottles of pills to make me comfortable and basically sent me home to die. ( I did not have insurance)  Unwilling to leave my son in this world alone I began my first journey into the world of alternative medicines.

Today my son Marc is a fine young man finishing up his second year at Southern Oregon University. This in itself should encourage you. I know it is what I grab ahold of when I allow fear to take up residence in my mind. Because as the title of this blog clearly states Hope Trumps Fear and you can strip me down to nothing, damage my pride, bruise my feelings and scar my soul but you can never take from me the one thing my daddy left me with and that is hope. But you will not find anything resembling hope if you are seeking help from western medical practitioners.

The last hope they offered me landed me under the knife for what was supposed to be a simple 45 minute laparoscopic surgery to remove a fibroid tumor that had attached itself to my uterus, yet I was in surgery for 9 hours came out full of mesh and pig intestines. Nothing quite as embarrassing as your boyfriend trying to lighten the mood and saying things like “mmmm smells like bacon” Since then I have had nothing but inaccurate diagnosis or worse been told many times it is all in my head. The best diagnosis I believe they ever gave me was Morgellons disease, you know that new disease they give women in Northern California with strange fibers coming out of their skin and horrendous sores that are excruciatingly painful yet they say it is imagined and send them to a shrink even though the evidence is physical you can see it with a normal eye. It is NOT in their minds, yet most western medical practitioners and dermatologists brush it off and send you to a shrink. Hell my own sister who was working for a dermatologist at the time pulled back when I told her the diagnosis and told me to go to counselling. My SISTER!

Needless to say, I do not have Morgellons it is my un professional opinion that my body rejected the mesh it eroded and parts of it worked its way out of my skin. I believe the mesh is what triggered the cancer. I believe my fibroid could have been easily removed but because of my financial standing and the fact that I did not have anyone around to stand up for me they decided to play God and that my life was not of much if any value so they used me as a guinea pig, unnecessarily sterilized me and illegally put a foreign object that at the time was not even approved into my body without my knowledge. I did not know for years that it was even in there. It was not until I found Dr. Schultze that I was able to subpoena my medical records (they were giving the run around and would not give them to me and later I will explain why) that I found out they were treating me for a disease that I did not have, gave me surgery I did not need, implanted something in me that was killing me and denying all of it. (needless to say I am currently in both a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies and a medical malpractice suit against the surgeon, and the fight of my life for my life.)

The events that followed this surgery are enough to make even the coldest of hearts feel my pain. I am not really good with time lines and will likely bounce around while telling my story as things I have buried resurface or new discoveries are found that could’ve been used as opposed to what was actually done. But what you read here will all be true, not the truth you may get from your doctor but the truth as I know it. There are cures, there is Hope. It is really just a matter of getting to yourself in time and taking control of your destiny.

Never I say never accept the first opinion as truth. Get several opinions then go non western and see if the diagnosis even stands up and then and only then consider your options. ALL of them. But do yourself a favor before you go with the flow and allow them to cut you open or pump your bodies full of chemicals that were made in a lab out of a bunch of poison, before you end up in this fight with me do some research, send me an email, read what they have available in other countries like Israel, hell even Mexico has better medical treatment that we do here in the Good Old USA. Do not be so foolish as to think that pumping poison through your veins is only going to kill the cancer ask yourself what else it is killing. Before you go under the knife research other people who have chosen that route and see where they are five years later. It is more than likely 8 out of ten times won’t even find them alive if they went western and if they are alive their life quality sucks.

I am just in the beginning stages of this blog but I will be posting links to sites that are successfully curing or sending cancer into remission. While sharing my own story I will be sharing stories of others that have given me permission. I refuse to accept that I won’t be here in two years, however I am just in case preparing for my exit from this world and if you know anything about me at all you know I will not go quietly nor will I go without a fight. I have made my bucket list rather extensive purposely because I am the girl that gets what she wants. I set my sites on the prize and do not quit until it is mine. The prize this time is being at my granddaughters graduation, who btw has not even made it to kindergarden. So I have much work to do.

The truth is we are all dying. Not one of us is promised tomorrow. You could walk outside today and a tree could fall on you and kill you instantly. No one knows how long they have. I intend to live while I am dying and I do not intend on letting some fraud in a white coat tell me when my time is up. It is not over as long as I have breath in my lungs. Please join me in my journey and watch me kick cancers ass. If for some reason that is not in the stars then it is not in the stars but I will learn a lot and I will make a difference before I go. I will not leave my children alone in a world that creates illness as oppossed to curing it. I will not leave my children to face this life alone. I will not go quietly I will not die alone. I have much to accomplish and it is going to take a powerful force to stop me. Cancer may be powerful, but it has not won yet and I do not intend on letting it. I might lose a battle or two but I will not lose the war.

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