With tears in my eyes I can honestly say this. I know first hand what cancer and treatment can do to a mind and body as I have not only lived it but am watching it all around me. I have experienced the transformation and am watching it happen to so many others. I am of the opinion that it is simply not worth it in the long haul. There is nothing more painful than watching someone at the end of their life because of cancer. Trying to look good but after chemo and radiation the person is physically changed, in shock. Many people do not care because of course their lives have not been touched by cancer. They do not know what it is like to have fought the fight or to have lost a loved one who leads a battle against cancer. But I know in my heart that there are many more people who do care and it is to those that I am speaking.
My name is Valorie. My diagnosis is stage three multiple myeloma. I have been given an expiration date, and though I have not accepted this as my truth I am on a mission to make sure no other parent has to see the fear in their children’s eyes that has become a permanent fixture in the eyes of my own children.
I am a fighter and I have found what appears to be the answer for me and sooooo many others. It is a combination of cannibus oil and a cutting edge technology called Biophotonics, which until now was only available in other countries. I am working with a very dedicated group of individuals who have all lost someone they love to this dastardly disease and they have been successful in getting approval and private funding to bring this Mexican cancer clinic here to California! The doors are almost open and we are pre screening clients right now!
Unfortunately this venture is not cheap and there is a very cut and dried application process. We do not accept insurance and there is no sliding fee scale and we do not have any money in reserve for those who cannot pay. If they cannot pay they go in the red for dead box. It’s that simple.

These pictures are examples of the horror of cancer taken 3 months apart. This is the result of Western Medicine. Take Western Medicine out of the equation, go natural and in 3 more months time we are back to 12299133_1118781988140248_3393775932757542975_nany questions?

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