Replacing Coffee

As you know I am on a mission to total health and wholeness. In a few days I will be the first person in the United States to receive a cutting edge healing technology called biophotonics while still here in the US. I am going to share my journey with you.

Part of this journey to health and wholeness is a proper diet. I was rudely reminded of this last night when I attempted to eat a french dip from Black bear Diner and found myself doubled over in pain for hours. I came home and painfully pulled out my industrial juicer and wheatgrass machine. Ordered my superfood and pulled out my old journals from when I was going through a holistic healing program headed up by Dr Richard Schultze called The Incurables. Diet is essential to proper healing and healthy living. I have been screwing up! I have much to big of a bucket list to not get serious. People are counting on me. Here is one of my  top smoothie with superfood recipes and what it is good for. Quick, easy to do and loaded with essential nutrients and can be used as a meal substitute or used to boost energy or just as a snack.The added bonus to smoothies is that you can add other less appealing fruits and veggies into your diet by turning them into a delicious blend full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.



Minty Maca Matcha Magic :

Minty Maca Magic features maca, matcha and mint for a stress relieving, hormone boosting smoothie that is easy on your digestive system and unlike coffee there is no crash so it is great for those low energy days or as a replacement for coffee. Start your day out with this calming refreshing and yes energizing smoothie! This is likely my favorite of all smoothies. It is out of one of the better in my opinion superfoods called matcha green tea.I simply cannot explain to you how much better this works than coffee or how much better for you.

Matcha is a raw form of green tea that comes from Japan where it is used in many traditional medicinal practices. It is rich in chlorophyll and is not processed with heat like most tea bags. Instead of being heat dried it is grown in the shade which makes it higher in nutrients and alkaline which aides in relieving inflammation. It will naturally balance your adrenal glands . If you are exhausted from too much stress, chocolate, caffeine, sugar or like me a plain old lack of sleep. It has a mild taste similar to sweet butter.

The other important component in this smoothie is the maca, another powerful superfood that can improve hormonal function, relieve mild depression, tame anxiety, or just bring balance to you when you are feeling off kilter. Maca is a root that is grown n Peru and has a delicious caramel like flavor. Maca is a unisex balancer of both testosterone and estrogen and it only takes about a half a teaspoon a day to experience the wonderful effects. Taking more than that is a useless waste.

Maca like Matcha is an adaptogen putting these two superfoods together in a smoothie create a calm steady energy instead of a rise and fall like caffeine and sugar. I also add a sprig of mint because the menthol from peppermint has stress relieving properties as well as aides in digestion and gives the smoothie a great flavor! So in short this smoothie is a great replacement for coffee it has a refreshing taste, balancing properties, and is loaded with nutrients. It is a wonderful breakfast to start your day or an awesome post workout smoothie. It is great for stress aids in natural detoxification, improves hormonal function and provides a perfect daily dose of antioxidants. Vegan, Gluten and soy free with no added sugars! This is a one person recipes as I am a tribe of one.

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk ( I actually make my own almond milk)

2 cups organic spinach (I try and grow my own to make certain its organic but am not always able)

1 tablespoon raw maca powder

1 drop peppermint essential oil or extract or a sprig or one leaf of mint

1/2 teaspoon organic matcha powder

1 cup frozen cucumber cubes (I pre chop and keep a bag frozen in my freezer)

1-2 tiny drops of stevia or 1/8 teaspoon powder

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

I usually play around with different toppings when serving guests and some of these variations are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chia, cocoa nibs bee pollen or carob chips




add all of the ingredients in the above listed order into a high powered blender. Vitamix is my preferred  blender but a nutribullet does have enough power. Pour into a glass and serve. Enjoy as breakfast at home or on the go. Gives you much cleaner longer lasting energy than coffee. Sustains you all day.

Helpful tips:

I always take my greens out of the container and store it in my freezer in freezer bags which makes for a thicker, frostier less bitter tasting smoothie. The reason I freeze the cucumbers is they are a refreshing ingredient and are great for reducing bloating as well as an instant way to thicken your smoothie without using ice.

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