American Holistic Therapies Inc.


I wanted to inform you guys about one of the organizations I am a part of that I am raising money for American Holistic Therapies Inc. We are seeking to expand our California Medical Marijuana Collective. We want to buy property with greenhouses, support our vape line, purchase all equipment needed to secure licenses in Nevada to extract this life changing oil.

The funding will be allocated as follows:

AHT has licensing agreements with The Phoenix Tears Foundation and we are ready to put Phoenix Tears THC oil products on the market in California and Nevada. At this point Mark Howard, President of AHT, has Phoenix Tears CBD oil on the market already throughout California. The dispensaries are now specifically asking for Phoenix Tears THC oil. We are now working on perfecting our THC pills, our DC Vaped line, THC tinctures and bulk THC oil for 60 day cancer treatments.

AHT has a contract with an alternative cancer group, and we are getting ready to supply the alternative cancer patients with all of their medicinal oil. Within the first three months we are expecting to have approximately 1000 patients a day signing up for a 60 day treatment and we will put together the complete package for them. In order to supply the group we will need to purchase more equipment. We are looking at approximately 120K for the extraction equipment and another $25K in refining equipment. We will be using a  food grade alcohol extraction that will also allow us to move this exact process to other states and give the same quality oil to patients throughout the legal states.

We then have to rent a buildout needed for the extraction rooms and the lab area. AHT will need another $75K in order to build out and equip the facility and another $50K to secure product to extract for our oil inventory. AHT will need $125K to fulfill our contract. In doing so AHT will make about $8.00 per patient per day.

AHT will also be building another website for the state of California, driving even more people to us for their oil supply. The cancer treatment oil is very rare in California and The Phoenix Tears Group is one of the most well known names in the mmj world. The Phoenix Tears oil is in great demand, and unfortunately, due to the demand we are getting knocked off in dispensaries, showing how powerful the Phoenix Tears name is in the mmj world.

Obviously I am looking for tax deductible donations to make this happen, but my colleagues are willing to take a loan and show you our projected earnings statement etc. We are willing to be very transparent and looking for support. This is only one small but huge part of this process. I am also seeking donations for people who cannot afford this treatment. Everyone involved in this endeavor has either lost someone they loved to cancer or have had it or are fighting it now. We all have a heart to improve life quality for our fellow humans. I do not believe we can save your life but I KNOW that we can improve your life quality.

This is only a portion of our needs. But without this then everything we are doing is hindered. We want to continue to process the oil ourselves to maintain the highest quality oil for our patients. Then we still have the issue of getting the oil to the people at an affordable price or if needed for free.

Read the book Stoned by James Forsythe, look closely at the study he did and the success rate and then tell me why are we being cheated out of this treatment? Because the government can’t make a profit off of healthy people. FACT

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