Good Morning Everyone! Well at least it is morning in my neck of the woods! I have hopes that people all around the globe will stumble upon this blog and join this movement, henceforth it could be evening where you are! Either way Greetings and Salutations from Pine Mountain Club California! My little piece of Heaven nestled an hour above LA in the Enchanted Forest!

Four days ago it was quite questionable if I would even be here able to write this article. You see I have been diagnosed with stage three multiple myeloma and since I am of the firm belief that this disease is a direct result of what doctors did to me, going to the hospital is NEVER an option for me. My body is extremely compromised and anything they would attempt for me at this point is a certain death sentence, even if it is only in my mind, to me that is real which would make it real. As you think so you are and I have lost all faith in our extremely broken medical system, fuck in our extremely broken system period.

At any rate I had been working with some antique fruit drying trays that had some old fruit mold on them and breathing those fumes toxified my body and my liver proceeded to shut down. Within hours of working with the moldy trays I started getting something called Candida or ammonia on my brain my stomach extended to the size of a nine months pregnant woman my color went from its normal olive tint to a death grey and the troops rallied driving from hours away to come physically place me in the hospital or help me cross over to the other side. None of my friends believed that I was going to make it through the night.

This is what I looked like 4 days ago

File Mar 21, 5 57 39 AMI would venture to say I was as close to death as I have ever been. I was in horrible pain, I could not connect the dots, I was hemorrhaging, weak disoriented and scared to death that I was never going to get the chance to hold my granddaughter or to see my son graduate college.  But the one thing that I have always maintained no matter how bad life got was hope and that my friends is the only thing stronger than fear! And my hopes were high my answer was coming via fed ex and all I had to do was hold out a few more hours until it got here. Against the wants of wishes of my friends I held out, knowing that if I were to go to the hospital I wouldn’t come home and then how on earth was I going to prove to the world what a genius Dr Joseph is?  How would I prove from the grave how erroneously misled we have been here in the United States of America when it comes to our failed medical system.

We live in a country where profit is more important than human lives, where we are used as lab rats, they poison our food modify our weather, pretend like we have a say in our electoral process, basically I live in a country that claims to give you certain freedoms and liberties but in reality it is all a ruse. But that is all for another time. The subject at hand is our health care system and all the preventable and curable diseases that are being created and fed for profit. Cancer in particular. A completely avoidable and curable disease that has taken far too many amazing lives from us in the most horrendous way. There is nothing more painful to experience or watch than a life slowly slipping away due to cancer.

Well maybe one thing, watching this happen knowing that it is all due to the actions of a man playing God that decided my life held no value and sterilized me and filled me with foreign items that eroded and embedded and caused me cancer in the places that the eroded mesh lodged itself. At this point Dr thinks I have five different types of cancer. This is not verified however working towards getting that verification next week so for now we will stick to the facts Stage 3 multiple myeloma. 26 tumors throughout my body. 8 months into a 29 month death sentence. Up until four days ago losing ground every day. The high grade cannabis oil was preventing any new tumors from forming and was slowing the growth of the ones already present but with the aggressive nature of my cancer we had to add a few components to my cannabis oil therapy and that’s where Dr. Joseph and his Biophotonics comes in.

So exactly what is biophotonics? Wikipedia says this: The term biophotonics denotes a combination of biology and photonics, with photonics being the science and technology of generation, manipulation, and detection of photons, quantum units of light. Photonics is related to electronics and photons. Photons play a central role in information technologies such as fiber optics the way electrons do in electronics.

Biophotonics can be described as the developmental application of optical techniques, particularly imaging, to the study of biological molecules, cells and tissue. One of the main benefits of using optical techniques which make up biophotonics is that they preserve the integrity of the biological cells being examined.

Biophotonics has therefore become an established general term for all techniques that deal with the interaction between biological items and photons. This refers to the emission, detection, absorption, reflection , modification and creation of radiation from biomolecular, cells, tissues, organisms and biomaterials. Areas of application are life, science, medicine agriculture and environmental science. Similar to the differentiation between electric and electronics a difference can be made between applications, which use light mainly to transfer information back to the operator like diagnostics. In most cases biophotonics is only referred to the second case.+

Still confused? Yeah me too. But what I am not confused about is the drastic difference in the way I feel in only 4 days. I have my color back the pain has subsided the swelling is gone, I can think clearly and though I am tired I am not exhausted. I am still learning what this whole process is all about, I do not know that I will ever totally understand it, it is deep and the result of 30 years blood sweat and tears from the man I consider my Savior in human form. He has been effectively treating and curing a plethora of biological and age related diseases. For the past seven years he has added the component of high grade THC into his formula called Delta Nine and the results are incredulous! Absolutely unbelieveable but one hundred percent true! It amazes me that he can take lights and electricity basically and some herbs like cannabis and biblical oils combine them infuse them with light bottle them and when applied or ingested they begin to reprogram your old damaged weak or compromised cells.

It is fucking incredible. This is my truth. If you follow me on my journey it will become your truth as well. I want to make this available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. I have started a fundraiser to do this. There is a link to donate to the right. Oh and by the way I think a picture is worth a thousand words. This is me picking my son up from the airport 54 hours after I started my treatment. Pretty huge difference don’t you think?File Mar 21, 5 56 06 AM

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