I am reading a book by Dr james Forsythe called Stoned The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil. Thus far it is a very interesting read. One thing that I read that I want to expound upon was in the beginning of the book and it reads as follows:

Medicinal Marijuana Works Wonders: From the start here I am delighted to report when used properly under a trained physicians careful guidance, medicinal marijuana often “works wonders” in addressing a wide variety of serious ailments–particularly cancer.

Consumers who fail to follow sound medical advice and criteria invariably put their own health at risk. When administered in a haphazard fashion without a well laid out action plan and the guidance of a medical professional, most self administered health maintenance regimens invariably fail. 

Trying to cure your own cancer without following a solid action plan is the equivalent of attempting to fly a jet aircraft without first getting extensive lessons. People who jump into the pilot’s seat without the benefit of training invariably end in disaster. 

A significant question should emerge for prospective weed patients yearning to achieve good health: ” am I only doing this as an excuse to get high, or more important, have I chosen the best strategies for using pot to cure my ailment?”

After deep reflection on such queries some consumers admit that they merely want the euphoric sensations made possible by the marijuana. For them using the playing card of health to get high becomes a high risk game.”


The above excerpt from Doctor Forsythe’s book is in my opinion very true but in the same breath there are so few medical doctors that are willing to step outside of the box to help you naturally heal your bodies and unfortunately many that are or were willing are either dead or risking their lives in order to help you. Many doctors that I know have actually given up their license to practice medicine in order to actually be the healer they set out to be. They had to renounce their license in this country to practice medicine so that they could actually practice medicine! It is our job to keep them safe and to get their wonderful work into the hands of the people. It is not an easy task. Especially in this day and age when our citizens are starting to wake up and the veil is being lifted and people are starting to become aware and fight back. The ones in charge are frantically trying to save their precious medical system from crumbling. This country has made a fucking fortune keeping its citizens sick. Lets add insult to injury and say they have made even more causing us to be sick! plum island is a perfect example. Lyme’s disease which is the root source of many many other terrible ailments was created in a Lab and released and hundreds of thousand of people are deathly ill and dying every year because of this disease that was created in a laboratory by the very people we are expected to trust with our health and our children’s health! Are you kidding me? Really… Shaking my head! I am so angry about this. But I learned a long time ago that war and bloodshed never did a fucking bit of good. Prayer, unity and educating the masses, loving ourselves and one another is the only way out of this mess. We must join forces and stand united against the establishment. There are renowned healers willing to help but their very lives are in danger due to the greed and corruption that has become the norm in this country.

I agree with Dr. Forsythe, but more importantly I UNDERSTAND why people are trying to cure themselves. They are sick and tired of being infected they are tired of being lab rats. they are afraid and do not want to die and there are simply not enough Doctors willing to join the fight so we end up desperate and willing to try anything to end our own suffering.

I am on a mission, it is a HUGE undertaking but there are good people in this world of like thought and mind and we are starting a revolution. We are going to make proper medical care available for you and you and you. We ARE going to educate and inspire people to be the change. I need help and support and I need to get the word out. I need you. And frankly you need me, that is if you actually want to be a part of a world where your grandchildren can safely eat the food given to them, a world where they do not have to live in fear of everything they put into their bodies being a potential health risk and a world where when and if they do contract a disease that it is not a death sentence. There are no incurable diseases only assholes unwilling to be transparent and honest. Greed and whoremongers that must be overcome. I do not want to start a war, I do not want to cause bloodshed. I simply want to share with you the truth give you options and leave this world better than I found it…. We need global awareness. Humans need to unite and be aware. This is fucking America folks The Land Of The Free The Home of The Brave ! Please Wake up. Join the fight and help heal this terribly broken land.

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