my secret gifts

Have you ever wondered why you were here and what it was all about? Many books and manuscripts have been written throughout time trying to make us aware of higher realities and things that will make all of our lives more complete and meaningful. The kinds of things that will lead us to our rightful place and understanding in and of the universe, and will put us on the right path. Which will allow us to live in harmony with all things, and achieve our true destiny.

Recently such works as The Secret, Celestine Prophecies, Carlos Castaneda’s writings, the works of Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Collins, Siddhartha and a whole plethora of other writers and mystics. Including The Bible, Koran, Zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, Emerald Tablet of Hermes and Thoth, too many others to even try and list. All of these teachings and philosophies all basically say the same thing, but for any of these systems to work we have to be in a special state of right functioning onto ourselves. If you are the type of person who has been on a quest all of your life, trying this and that, acquiring all types of possessions, only to find yourself still missing that special something, if everything you have wanted and received, only satisfied you for awhile, then the message put forth in the following documents will help you solve this dilemma. We have to know what we are, why we are here and what it is all about nd what works and what does not work and why, and have the right energy. Then and only then all you have to do is BE the words and the ideas, in the proper way for them to work for you.



The World

We live in a fear based reality! This fear is polarized into two types. The fear of the known and the fear of the unknown. Most of humanity has been controlled and subjugated by these fears almost since time has begun. On one side the monarchs, dictators, politicians, chiefs and other types of leaders, have been using the fear of the known to control humanity. They purport to protect you from natural disasters, diseases, adversaries, savages, barbarians, fascists, communists, terrorist and on and on. But in order for their protection to occur you have to give up certain rights and freedoms and always lots of money and other vital resources.

On the other side of the various religions and cults and other types of supposed spiritual benefactors have been using the fear of the un known to control humanity. They also purport to  protect you from various unknown realities, such as where did I come from, and where do I go when I die and why am I here and especially what is it all about? By saying the hell and fire and brimstone of eternal damnation is our fate if we do not follow their mandates.

The sad truth is this has been going on for thousands of years, and we still live in fear and ignorance, and we still have not received the proper promised relief, understanding, protection and enlightenment, which will free us of these fears. Fear is our chief feature, and all of the other negative features revolve around it. Such features as doubt, hate, envy, revenge and a whole host of other negative features. Of those negative  features bred by fear, doubt is the greatest culprit. For any little bit or shred of doubt, completely neutralizes or incapacitates the power of faith.

The power of faith coupled with the law of attraction, and proper mental disciplines, is our true path to freedom and happiness. But the two above mentioned power structures, political and religious forces will try their best to never allow us to acheive our rightful dues and enjoy life the way we could and should. Because lets face it if we did we would have no need of them and without our false sense of need for them they lose all power and evaporate into a puff of smoke.

Back in the middle ages Western Civilization had a great rebellion and revolution that resulted in the elimination of monarchies and church/religious groups from running and controlling our lives. The French beheaded their monarchs, jerked them right out of their palaces and lives of opulence and luxury and chopped their heads off in public executions. They also eliminated and severely punished many religious leaders. This is what freed us from being under the tyranny and subjugation by these two power structures, but only for awhile as they have regained their control over us again. But this time around they are even more clever at controlling us than ever before. Also these two power structures are responsible for all of the problems and discord in the world, from the start of civilization to the present worldly conditions.

So before the secret or any other path to true self empowerment can work, fear and all of its associated negative features need to be eliminated from our inner workings. You might wonder how we ever got into this situation in the first place. Many cultures worldwide have a similar story to Western Civilizations version of Adam and Eve. Supposedly when Adam and Eve were in The Garden of Paradise they had complete dominion over all things on this earth. Then when Eve was tricked into breaking a stipulation set forth by the Creator, Adam and Eve went and hid in fear and shame. If  Adam would have grabbed Eves hand and went and talked to the creator, openly said what happened and also said whatever you do to her you must do to me for we are in this together for better or worse everything would have been different, there would have been no downfall due to shame and fear. That is where we inherited our fear based reality from and we have been manipulated and subjugated by this every since. So this is the way of the world and we CAN escape this fear based reality by accomplishing a few things totally within ourselves. All REAL knowledge and accomplishments are always from within. We are God to our possibilities and life, we can choose any way of being that we desire. All we have to do is know and be our true selves, and put it all into proper perspective.


Do you know what you are?

To be or not to be? Unto thine own self at least be true. The difference between what you say and what you do is what you are. Before you know where you are going you have to know where you are because no matter where you go there you are.

There comes a time in one’s life when we ask or realize What am I? Is this all there is? When the next roll of toilet paper you use, or the next meal you eat is viewed from the perspective of being aware simultaneously all of the toilet paper or food you process in your entire existence, past and future you see a whole mountain of consumables piled up all around. Are we just processing mechanisms? What about all of the hopes and dreams that have been fulfilled and the batch that is still on the way? All of the above mentioned things and more and yet we still are not satisfied. We still feel incomplete and search everywhere in the world for something we desperately need. For some people it is money love or fame, others its knowledge power God, etc etc. We think that if we could have just a little bit more or a whole lot more of some specific quality then everything will be ok that they will then be fulfilled.

Sadly the truth is it is only temporary satisfaction at best and in a short while you find yourself longing for something else. Do you know what we are all looking for? Do you know what you are? That is what we are all looking for. We are looking out there in the world for our own true selves. Imagine looking all over out there for something that is in here. You might wonder how this came to be.

When we were born, all we had was ourselves and we were happy. Then our parents brought us from the inner world of ourselves to the outer world outside of ourselves. Then all of our experiences in the outer world caused various conditioned and unconditioned reflex like reactions in ourselves based on our specific and unique essence ie your essence or essential self is a combination of your nature and your gift. This programming of one’s self is both a blessing and a curse all at the same time for out there exist a lot of knowledge and experience to refine the self from selfish to selfless, unselfishness is the undoing of one’s self only programming. But at the same time it is acting as a refining influence it is also absorbing or diluting one’s essence and in its place all of those unfulfilled longings or desires take over and we become lost in life always trying to live up to our own or someone else’s expectations or some social icons; if only I were a billionaire, pro athlete, rock star, lotto winner, taller, better looking, bigger breasts etc etc. Couple all of these with the programmed or reactive mechanisms and you have a life that is subject to contending all that does not go our way and judging all that does not agree with you. Automatically labeling everything as good or bad, this or that, always polarizing things to pit one end against the other and always longing for fulfillment. This is our state but there is always a way of reclaiming ourselves and to find out what you truly are.

You may say I am a man or a woman, but this is just your sex, you may say I am black or white or red or brown but that is just your color, you may say I am American, Asian or European but that is just your nationality or citizenship or homeland, you may say I am human or E.T. alien or spirit but that is just your species or vehicle of awareness. That is what we are. We are an awareness. We are not what we think or feel or sense or remember or expect or imagine we are what is aware of those things, not the things. Our awareness has a property associated with it called attention and one’s attention selects what things it brings to the light of our awareness. The point of one’s attention is prime time, it is the most sought after sacred place for all of those thoughts, feelings, sensations, opinions etc for when lit up by our awareness, they become alive and exist even if only for a while until another takes its place and takes its turn, it all just goes around and around like a closed looped tape. Sure new things are added and old things are deleted, but there is always more than enough things to totally and completely consume and absorb all of your awareness. So one’s awareness is never free to discover its own self again. One is asleep or mesmerized by the polarized illusion of reality, always contending and judging that which is counter to your desires or needs. This is our level of awareness it is a mechanical and reactive state of existence.

The next state of awareness is self awareness. This is the state in which your awareness is free and has discovered itself again and views a non polar unified reality and it does not contend or judge that which is, but instead it accepts and understands that all things are the same. You may say how can this be, this is this and that is that and they are different. Just as fire and water are obviously different, they are also the same and in this way. They are both manifesting their nature or essence and in the process of doing so, they both are only being true to their natures and are only satisfying their needs, all things are slaves to their needs. No matter what it is, all things in existence are the same, in that they are always being true to their nature and always trying to satisfy their needs.

The troubles of the world are caused by polarization, pitting one end against the other, instead of finding a way to have two needs satisfy each other, symbiotically, like a scratch and an itch, we always satisfy one at the expense of another, parasitically. Nature is a good example of symbiotic efficiency, ie the waste of one thing is always food or something else, all nature is one, non polarized.

It is important that you fully understand what your awareness is. It is all of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, needs, dreams, hopes, fears etc…. are like the programs on TV channels, and your attention is like the TV set with a tuner, audio and video, then your awareness is like the viewer or the TV watcher. We are all hypnotized into believing we are the programs rather than the watcher. All of these programs pass themselves off as needs and since a part of the nature of all things is to satisfy its needs, in fact to be a slave to those needs. Then ones awareness is totally consumed in this reactionary mode of trying to deal with all of these supposed valid needs. Instead of seeing those needs for what they are, we identify them with ourselves as part of us.


Do you know why you are here?

Now that you know what you are, all you have to do is free your awareness and discover yourself again.Then you will have become self realized and you will have produced yourself. Once all of this is accomplished, the next thing you have to do is remember why you chose this life and what you had hoped to accomplish with this life.

The hoped accomplishments fall into two main categories. The first one is on the level of your own personal life, what you should be doing for yourself- the second is on the level of community and state, country even whole world, and for some (the Indigo) may even be as high as the level of everything. These accomplishments almost always involve changes or lines of action aimed at producing the greatest good, on all levels. I know all of this sounds good and well but being able to do it is an entirely different matter all together.

It is truly like dying and being reborn all over again, just as some religions preach. It is also a different unique and personal experience, for each person which cannot be copied or imitated. The way one person realizes themselves and what they remembered of their hoped accomplishments on a personal level is almost always only useable by the original person who experienced it all.( ALMOST ALWAYS)

In fact it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to pull it off, unless they have been working on themselves for 20 or more years or lifetimes. Or you could do it all in a poof, by accomplishing an extreme leap of faith. If you could somehow convince yourself, your total self, with no doubt that you don’t know anything, you would be able to know everything, if you could only realize the only way you could know is if you just did.

Do you know what real faith is? Faith is not a belief or a theory, it is an action. An act of faith is a total commitment to a certain way of being. Often it is backed up with the potential loss of something valuable, such as your reputation, or honor or career or even your life. Pulling off a successful act of faith almost always gives one power above and beyond the norm. An example is airlines, if you have enough faith in the technology of airplanes to ride one. Then you receive power over time and space and travel long distances in a short amount of time compared to other methods of travel. But if anything goes wrong and the plane crashes you die. That is what power an act of faith has, it is also often bought at certain risks, which is why it is rarely done much these days on a personal level and intentional, and has been substituted by such terms as belief or theories, etc.

Just knowing about these sorts of things is helpful, but all of the knowledge in the universe cannot do it for you. Beliefs and theories, thinking and talking, all of these things are useless. The only way you can accomplish this sort of transformation is by putting your life on the line and making a leap in faith, hopefully while following a correct line of action.

What I mean by putting your life on the line can mean such things like your reputation, or belief, or self image, honor, ego or your mental or spiritual or physical life. You have to abandon all of the things you had and acquire something new in its place without any doubts; doubt is the enslaver and destroyer. One little shred of doubt cancels out all the power of faith. So you need to find someone who has accomplished this feat and who you can ask a lot of questions, so you can see it from your angle or alignment and level of being. But first you have to want to do it, and once you start your life will change and you can never go back and you can not live asleep or ignorant again. Truly it is the agony and ecstasy!

So do any of you want to begin this journey to yourself and do you want to wake up and be free or is all of this current reality good enough for you?

When a person really looks at all of the various realities and such, and also realizes that in order for religion or philosophy to work for any individual, one has to have complete faith in that system with no doubt. How do you do that? How can you believe or accept things that cannot be verified directly so that there is no doubt in that area? You can not! But if you look at the facts which are each person was created of free will or choice and equal. Each person was created as a unique one of a kind individual. Who was put into a universe of almost limitless size and possibilities, to do what? To exercise their free will and choice in their own unique and individual way, while exploring all of these possibilities and such, but while acting and behaving in a divine manner. So they can finish the job of producing themselves, and go on to bigger and better things. So everyone really is here just to be themselves first of all and once that is achieved then all of the rest will become quite clear and easy.


Useful Knowledge Leading To Wisdom

Now that you have read and thoroughly understood all of the things I have laid out here in this little essay, all you now need are a few applicable examples and insights.  I can truly say that each person needs to see all of this in their own unique and special way. One of the main reasons following someone else’s system does not work is two fold. First, every system has limitations and often the followers of these various systems and paths become enslaved by these systems and the very thing we are attempting to follow and attain, bogs us down. Secondly anyone else’s enlightened views and paths are only partially compatible with each person’s true self and path. In simple terms we are here to be a special and unique individual, our own true selves. Siddhartha eloquently pointed out the fact that no follower of any Buddha, Master, Prophet or Messiah, ever even reached the level of development of their teacher, much less surpassed them. So that is why all of the disciples and followers of such spiritual teachers, always seem to fall short of attaining the same or higher level of development or accomplishment than the source. An example: The disciples of Christ, they had to be given the Holy Spirit while they were hiding and trembling in fear, because of the events that were transpiring at the time. They could not produce this higher state for themselves, it had to be given to them which severely limited what they could accomplish with this higher state. Each person merely has to decide what theory or system they are going to work with, and make it their own, by seeing it in their own special unique way.

Many of the rituals used by Wizards Witches, Shamans, various religions and philosophies and other such dabblers in applying the subtle laws of the universe, employ the use of charms or spells or medallions, prayers and icons etc. These tactics produce a feedback loop to remind them to focus and send out the energy, and keep this intent actively supplied with the elements of your attention.

It is your faith/belief, efforts and energies invested and directed in the right way that produces the result. A long time ago I made a medallion that was supposed to attract the favor of the opposite sex. It was a copper medallion dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love, and was made according to ancient manuscripts. Needless to say the process was very involved and had to be done only at the day and hour of the luminary, so it took many days, and much effort and sacrifice to complete this medallion. Even when it was completed it had to stay buried in a special manner for one whole cycle of the moon. But after all of the efforts it worked. I could attract members of the opposite sex in droves, but when I loaned it to some friends to use it did not work for them at all. So why did it work for me and not for them? Because they had doubt, even after seeing me with all of the successful examples of its effectiveness. Their doubt came from having no investment in the medallion, they did not research it hunt it down and sacrifice in order to gain it, it was merely dropped in their hands with some story and some supposed examples. DOes this sound familiar? Have you purchased various literatures, courses, devices, joined groups and such, but had little to no success with the initial intended matter?

The Celestine Prophecies talk about control dramas, and how people use them to exchange energy. This energy is the key! All endeavors into the realm of spiritual and mystical exploration, involve acquiring more of a special higher vibrating type of energy. This special energy is hard to come by, as we produce only enough for a normal/regular life, and have little to none left over for higher development.

The Universe is run by las, the number one and highest law is divine will/love, the next law is the law of three and the law of three manifests itself as the universe through the law of seven (law of octaves) and other lesser laws.

These other laws are the laws of fate, the law of karma and attraction, the law of accidents, the law of influences(associative and chemical, physical and celestial) and the law of personality, plus a few other incidental laws.

The way we get our energy is by consuming foods, we consume three different types of food. The food we eat with our mouths, the food we breathe into our lungs, air, and the food we get from all of the impressions we process, such as sensations thoughts feelings etc. So the food we eat with our mouths is processed via the law of seven, it is routinely refined in various stages.

Looking at the law of octaves otherwise known as the law of seven, the procession is do re mi, but there is a mi fa interval or semitone, where this would stop or deviate, so it gets a shock at the interval point from the sir that you breathe.

This allows the refinement process to proceed, Fa Sol La, until it encounters the La Ti interval, where this would also stop or deviate, so it gets another shock from the impressions that you process. This allows the first food octave to complete and produce this fine higher energy we shall call hydrogen 12, it is a creative energy, and all we mostly do with it is procreation, although some talented artists, musicians, writers and other original thinkers, also use this energy.

The second food air, is only processed six steps and stops because the appropriate required shock to keep it developing is missing. ( Do Re Mi, shock from impressions Fa Sol La, then stops) The missing series of shocks required to extract the maximum energy from the remaining foods, are intentional or conscious shocks, which are not automatically provided and must be supple mentally produced.

The first such conscious shock is called remembering yourself or self remembering/ the conscious labors, so when it is employed the air we breathe is fully transformed into Hydrogen 12 via a shock at the La Ti interval, allowing this octave to complete.The third food, impressions, are only processed three steps before it stops, because the appropriate required shocks to keep it developing are also missing. But with the first conscious shock the impression octave continues to develop Do Re Mi (1st conscious shock) Fa Sol La (2nd conscious shock) allowing this octave to also complete.

The second conscious shock is called transformation or intentional suffering, it is the ability to transform negative states into positive ones, so when it is employed the impressions we process are fully transformed into Hydrogen 12. As you can see, that merely by supplying the other two missing shocks we now have 2 times the amount of this fine creative energy than we do from our normal automatic process of transforming foods. This extra energy is what we need to accumulate in order to be able to use the laws of the universe as opposed to being under these laws.

This is how rituals and dogma , talismans,spells,prayer, and all the other various ways, people employ to manipulate the universe for their own ends or works. Gurdjieff brought up an interesting point concerning ancient Egypt, he postulated that during the time when Sphinx and Pyramids were in their finest condition people living around them could easily see their massive and magnificent structures from almost everywhere, and the purpose these structures served was to remind the people of the active duties required to produce one or two of the conscious shocks mentioned earlier.

This is also how magic, or The Secret works, and it always works better if you have some external que, to help remind you of your intent or purpose and you also have to be your own true and real self, and have the right amount and kind of energy. So the vision board or magic spell, talisman or constant prayer or meditation is but a mechanism to provide a reminder to focus on our intent. Our conscious mind lacks the power and persistence to make consistent efforts, but our subconscious mind is always there working behind the scenes on various things.

Have you ever noticed when something is  really bothering you it is always there waking or sleeping, this underlying force is always exerting its influence over and upon you? So if one could communicate or transfer their desires or intent to their subconscious mind, it would stand a good chance of success. But the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are separate and rarely work together, so one has to come up with all kinds of ways to accommodate this difference to enjoy success in such endeavors using the laws of the universe.

A person usually has a center of gravity, meaning they are either instinctively moving unconditioned and conditioned reflexes emotionally or intellectually centered. They call them men number one two and three. Optimally you would be a balance of all three, so neither on nor the other dominates as this domination causes polarization. The only way a person can balance themselves is by developing a permanent I. We are now many I’s I am hungry I am sleepy, I am bored etc etc which is why it is so hard to stay focused and remember yourself and your aims.

Now that you are likely more confused than ever let me help some more. If you wanted to move a mountain, you would do it one rock at a time, you would start with the smaller ones and work your way up. So in trying to make this information work for you you should also start with the small things first perfecting your methods and techniques and then work your way up to bigger more important things. An interesting aspect of all this is the more success you have the greater your abilities become as we must acquire the faith and confidence in our own selves and build upon that. It will eventually become a runaway effect and soon with persistent application and efforts you will begin to wonder how you ever made it through life without tapping into this. The main theme underlying in all of this is simple You have o be YOU and you have to discover yourself in a special way and be reborn with a new understanding of yourself and the rest of the universe and each of us and everything contained within are all in it together and are all the same, When you can see and understand that then everything else will fall into place and you will see and be all that you were created or designed to Your own true unique and wonderful self.

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