Quantum Light Emission Technology

A brief introduction to Biophotonic Induction and the New Age of Health Promoting Nutritional Products. Foremost I wish that I could upload this file but I can not figure it out so I am retyping it from what I printed out and I am cheating you out of the visual that is lying here in front of me.

As you all know I was using high grade co2 extracted cannabis oil to fight my cancer. I started off with 26 tumors and a body riddled with cancer and scar tissue filled with mesh fragments that had eroded from a surgery that had taken place years before. My body has gone through 49 years of shock trauma and abuse and it didn’t start off entering this world in the best way I was premature and addicted to heroin. My doctors say my case is extremely complicated. Were it just a matter of the cancer we likely already would have won simply with the cannabis. In fact my doctor said the cannabis is what killed the tumors off but they were still inside of me and they were making my body so toxic I have been in and out of this dimension traveling to others in my mind. Talking to my father who has long since been dead. I have felt like my stomach went through a cheese grater, my spine has literally felt as if shards of glass was coming out of it, I have had a half a cup of black goop secrete from my breast, a tumor in my nose that had literal roots wrapped up and around the back of my eye come out and it was as if scales were peeled off of my eyes. Yesterday I was toying with the idea that it is quite possible that I could fly off my deck. Yes I realize this sounds like maybe one too many hits of acid, but I swear on everything I hold dear I am completely sober.

Anyways the pictures that I cannot show you are much like mandalas and they are in effect spectral wavelengths from quantum light emission technology and they are single frames from films made observing the process Light interacting with water.

So Biophotonics is the study of light and life. It is the study of how biological systems utilize and emit light as a primary means of communication. The biophoton is a wavelength of light emitted and absorbed by DNA to control cellular functions and metabolic actions. Your bodies innate ability to maintain genetic stability and handle inflammation, infection or any other disease state relies fundamentally on cell signaling capacity, which is determined by this carefully orchestrated symphony of biophotonic information. (note the word symphony and then if you follow me you will realize Music Can Heal MusiCann be Hope and Hope Trumps Fear)

Over twenty years of privately funded biophotonic research and development have resulted in the invention of cutting edge programmable quantum light emission technology. These biophotonic technologies imprint vital spectral information into water lipids, and noble metals. years of private clinical research and application have shown that these structured fluids provide the body with a source of coherent biophotonic information, which is completely non toxic and inducts healthy genetic and intercellular communication. With this spectral pooling of information, the DNA can return to a healthy function by induction. ( My case is extremely sensitive due to all of the damage done by surgeries and foreign objects still in my body and the fact that I was born addicted have made this quite challenging for my healers)

The Biophoton Induction Advantage

Modern medicine’s approach is to introduce a molecule that interacts with the cellular membranes and receptor sites, this molecule then elicits a response from the body as a whole. The desired response proves the active ingredients of the drugs are working, but the cascade of undesired effects or side effects can have unwanted consequences. The new frontier of biophotonic medicine is to induct the body to return to health through exposure to pure information.

The instantaneous transmission of information through quantum entanglement is a widely accepted phenomenon in physics. The ability to affect a biological system with emissions of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum is also widely accepted and utilized phenomenon, good examples include x rays, MRI, myriad UV and infrared light treatment tools, and innovative imaging technologies. The measurement of biophotons is the pinnacle of applied research in medicine today.

A technological breakthrough of our biophotonic technology is the jump from analysis to application (which is where I come in) These revolutionary technologies unlock the ability to directly transmit healing information to the DNA, regenerating and revitalizing tissue state in the body by using the remedies produced with this technology can be utilized immediately by the genetic code to restore healthy and balanced cellular function because we use DNA’s own language: The biophoton.

The internal balance, or homeostasis, of the human body is delicate. With exposure to proper biophoton wavelengths, correction of intercellular communication occurs without disturbing this balance. Introducing pure and correct biophotonic information to the body can induct the desired response from the body without introducing the gross level physical molecules. Bypassing the results in a truly non toxic approach. Informational medicine results in a truly non toxic approach. Informational medicine achieves the desired results in a truly non toxic approach. Informational medicine also achieves the desired results without the unintended stresses and side effects introduced to the body by so many modern medicines. This biophotonic technology is the central pillar of all our formulations and provides a bright pathway to vibrant, sustainable health.

Biophoton Induction Technology Talking Points:

*30 year quest to understand the fundamentals of biology…

> How gene’s coordinate cellular behavior

>How cells communicate

> How to restore good genetic coordination and intercellular communication.


The most promising area of scientific research in understanding how these fundamental communications occur is biophotonics. *Biophotonics is the study f how living organisms are utilizing and influenced by photon emissions or light.

>DNA emits ultra weak photon emissions, these emissions are first documented and dubbed biophotons by German researcher Dr. Fritz Albert Popp.

> analogy: fiber optic internet service light is the fastest most coherent way to transmit lots of complex information.

> unhealthy or damaged DNA emits corrupted information, leading to miscommunication between cells, ultimately leading to health problems.

>DNA can be reminded of the healthy or uncorrupted light emission wavelengths through exposure of this information.

>The molecular bonds of water and lipids can store the information inherent to spectral emissions of specific wavelengths through exposure to this information.

>The molecular bonds of water and lipids can store the information inherent to spectral emissions of specific wavelengths of light, and when imbibed this information is readily absorbed by the DNA, allowing for a return to healthy functionality.

> Light alone has been proven to have the ability to alter genetics, triggering embryonic stem cells to transform into neurons (published in Cell Systems doi: http://dx.doi.org./10.1016/j.cels.2015.08.001 )

*This quantum light emission technology was born from a 25 year collaboration between my amazing healer and Angel in human form Doctor Joseph and Sky David.

>25 years R&D into applied therapeutic biophotonic research

>next generation programmable spectral emission technology induces healthy genetic and inter cellular communication.

>synergy with herbal medicine and cannabinoid formulations enhances functionality of therapeutic compounds to achieve synergy between all compounds

>create virtual compounds mimicking effects of various molecules through induction of correct spectral wavelengths.


So after 23 years of research in biphotonic healing Doctor added cannabis to his remedies and has had amazing results. complete remissions in under 3 grams of high quality co2 extracted cannabis whereas we in the past were not seeing remission before a 60 gram therapeutic level of cannabis has been ingested. It seems that adding the cannabis has sped this process up quite a bit the cannabis seems to be a conduit of travel for the biophotons. Much like in my opinion chemotherapy is a conduit of travel for cancer well cannabis is a conduit of travel for biophotons and light emission technology! I firmly believe this technology would work without the cannabis, it would just take longer but the fact that we can mix such high technology with what has been classified as the Devil’s tool or a gateway drug is incredulous at best. There is no way you can convince me any human or technology can extend my life one second longer than I agreed to be here for but I am of the firm belief that suffering is going to be a distant memory for me. After 49 years of bullshit and being broken and completely out of whack this healer is for lack of better terminology taking me back in vitro and rebirthing me as a whole healthy and hopefully happy awareness attempting to be human

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