Do it yourself Doctoring

Good Morning everyone! Not that it is going to be morning when this is read but it is morning for me right now and I intend on making the best of it.

I expect that I will get a lot of flack for this article but I am OK with this. I am not a doctor I can not diagnose or cure anyone, but I can in fact give you the tools to treat yourself. There are no incurable diseases, and they are all preventable. Cancer truly is not a death sentence, it can in fact be nothing more than a bump on the road.

There was a time that I would have said not to try and treat yourself to go to the men in white, however my life experiences have taught me that is the worst thing I can do, if you want to be well its likely not a good idea for you. Western medicine is a fucking joke, just not a funny one, far from funny in fact its down right disturbing. Diseases created in Laboratories and released into populated areas. Lyme  disease is a perfect example of created illness. If you research Lyme disease you will see that many many false diagnosis are being handed out that are actually Lyme disease, created on Plum Island. I would venture to say over half the population in Sonora County here in California is infected with Lyme disease, the variations of this disease are far too many to list and no one has any answers as far as treatment (so they say) it is manifesting in many forms and it is killing people, It is sexually transmitted and it was created out of the syphilis virus and released out into the world and hundreds of thousands of Americans are walking around with Lyme disease thinking they have other things like Lupus or MS but in fact they have a variation of Lyme disease.

Think about all of the technological advances we have made in your lifetime. Look at what they have revealed to us and then use your noggin folks!  I am of the firm belief that the reason they are so comfortable modifying our weather, poisoning our food, spraying chem trails on us infecting us with diseases destroying our ozone layer etc is because they already have colonies on other planets to go to and they don’t give a shit about life o the life forms here on earth. They treat us like a bunch of lab rats, never once intending to cure anything. I am not saying there are no doctors who actually are healers, but it is a dangerous stance to take, to save a life in this country is literally putting your own life at risk. True holistic natural healers are murdered in cold blood every day in this country though it is rarely front page news and the few times it reaches the news it is short lived and down played. i could go on and on for hours, days weeks but anyone following me knows how I feel and there is no sense beating a dead dog, let it lie and move on into the solution. What I plan to do in the next few days is publish a Do it Yourself Doctoring manual. I’m going to put tools in your tool belt and give you all the information that you need to be healthy and whole. What you do with it is your business. You can either use the tools I give you to be healthy or you can keep the scales on and be the puppet and endure needless suffering or you can take control of your own health and life and you can educate others with this knowledge. Nothing was ever solved through violence or uprising. But knowledge is power and I am offering you the power of choice.

The first publication will be a basic tool kit that everyone should have in their homes. I will publish proper diet articles, anti cancer diets etc, I will publish recipes for home remedies used to treat prevent and cure illnesses. I will publish testimonials of others who have gone this route I will cover a plethora of ailments from the common cold to the worst cancers and everything in between. Obviously this wont all be done in one day but if you keep coming back you will gather the tools you need.

The first and most important tool is believing there is need for change and willingness to be that change. Not just talk about it but be about it. Bitterness resentment  are number one offenders and take root in your physical body and manifest themselves through illness. So let it go! Chose to be happy regardless of your circumstances. Happiness is an inside job no other person can bring you true happiness it is not something you achieve or attain it is something you purpose to be it is a choice. Make it.

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