Clinical Cannabis

File Apr 16, 5 14 25 AM

Exploring clinical applications of low dose cannabinoids and endogenous cannabinoid entourage effects…..

Our research into using cannabanoids in a clinical setting has focused on low dose cannabis therapy enhanced with biophoton induction technology. This approach is contrast to the conventional wisdom of high dose cannabis concentrates. It is interesting to note that the phrase “conventional wisdom” was first coined by economist John Kenneth Galbrath, who observes that the conventional wisdom “must be simple, convenient, comfortable and comforting-though not necessarily true.” By keeping an open mind and exploring this low dose approach to cannabanoid therapy we have seen some great results!

The worldwide scientific research into cannabinoids as therapeutic is still fledging, the results are not in, and the full potential of these compounds is still under investigation.If the goal is to activate the endo-cannabinoid system, then what amount and blend of cannabinoids is key to achieving that goal? This is a question that is still being answered. Flooding the body with thousands of milligrams of cannabinoids can have benefit in SOME cases, but all too often this approach comes with a host of psychoactive side effects that many patients find difficult to manage. For contrast therapeutic doses of most prescription drugs are in milligrams or less. This is because they target the body’s own receptor sites for the therapeutic compounds. With this in mind we have put our research efforts into discovering what the correct blend and amount of cannabinoids to activate the healing potential of the endogenous cannabinoid system actually is     In our efforts to achieve this goal we have explored many approaches to working with cannabinoid molecules including:

  • Using quantum biophoton emission technology to duplicate spectral profiles of cannabinoids.
  • Low Dose cannabinoid formulations enhanced with biophoton emission technologies.
  • Whole plant entourage effects
  • endocannabinoid system induction
  • Nano-sizing of cannabinoids
  • Developing a range of innovative delivery methods including oral formulations with synergistic pep tides and nano sizing of molecules to mitigate liver toxicity and increase bio availability. Topical, intramuscular injections, oral mucosal sprays, suppositories and vaporization.

Our clinical applications of the molecules found in cannabis plants have shown great promise for a treatment model based on milligram doses of cannabinoids activating the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system. This is an exciting area of study that could open the healing benefits of these molecules up to many individuals who find the conventional methods of treatment problematic.

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