It’s 3am and I bet you’re not sleeping either. Strange these better eyes trapped inside this human instrument. Every time I wake up I am in prison but I am free. A hummingbird wings flapping thousands of times a minute and staying in the same place. 

My heart so hurts for you right now. The day of the beast 06/16/16 will forever be burned in my mind. It really has begun. For the first time in I don’t know how long my mind is as quiet and empty as that hole in my soul was until you came along. 

Well It’s not racing it’s not all over on a thousand different things. It’s all dead yet I breathe. This heaviness is not anything I can even explain but it’s real and it is almost debilitating. Almost. 

That’s the thing about my kind we don’t die. We live while everything in and around us dies. We love but are forced to keep it inside or express it through our works we cannot share it with mortal beings because once we do it is out of our control. 

We are meant to walk alone. Leave our mark and go home. I don’t know how He did it which is why I’m still here and He is home 

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