On this day that the world has set aside for mothers I find myself  in communion with the mother of all. Earth. You know this planet we reside on. I myself am a mother. Probably not the best one but one who does the best she can with what she is working with. Always searching for tools to improve. Full of love and armed with the knowledge that the two things a child needs are love and time. And that I have always strived to give them. Though the time part of the equation has not always claimed to be on my side. It is the main thing I have to offer them my love and my time. 

Children however become adults and go on about living their lives and that time to us becomes a precious commodity. But the love still grows and is nurtured. This my heart beats on. Sometimes out of sheer will and nothing more. I get up I suit up and walk through that metaphorical door into the here and now. Even when it feels like a furnace or a meat grinder. I suit up show up and go through the door into a state of being as this. 

So here we are on Mothers Day and I have perched myself upon a rock overlooking the massive expanse of the ocean that stretches as far as the east and the west and beyond what my mortal eyes can see  and it utterly amazes and inspires me I am in aweeee. My ears become one with the sea and the waves wash away all that ails or haunts me and when that white crest crashes and becomes the shore the other voices they are no more. 

She purifies cleanses and ignites the fire that is my soul. I get up and walk to the waters edge and as she rolls back to repeat the motion to ebb and flow there are stains of oil ingrained in the sand. And it hits me. I understand. It’s so symbiotic of our physical health and well being such a sign of the times. Poison everywhere all around the air and the waves   Mother Earth is crying it’s not just cancer in our flesh the planet itself has cancer and is infected and toxic and dying. Wake up and shape up. It’s 

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