Independance Day

So many people out celebrating the 4th of July that have no thought as to what this day is about or how many lives were lost keeping that Flag standing. There is a long brutal story behind that flag standing and many many bodies. Because it was human beings sacrificing their lives knowingly to hold that flag in place. Someone’s son, another’s father, brother, husband, lover, neighbor or friend. American citizens one by one sacrificed their lives that night to hold that flag in place. No matter what the enemy did, no matter how many ships shot at them the American citizens kept removing the dead bodies and replacing them with new soldiers knowing they would die to keep that flag in place. Hundreds and hundreds of men gave their lives that night to make sure that our flag remained. I have to wonder if this would still take place today? With all the flag burning and supposed terrorist attacks. I say supposed because none of these terrorist come from other countries they are American born and raised and most of them investigated by our own rulers, many of them recruited by our leaders. It burdens me to the core of my being that my first born is currently stationed in Pearl Harbor. I pray constantly that God keep him safe.

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