Moving On

There is something to be said about moving on. Especially when it is not easy, when it brings about uncertainty where you were sure. It is like taking a leap of faith. Or it could be a plunge and even a leap to your metaphorical death but I prefer leap of faith. It suits me better. I have awakened in a new way. I no longer desire to bring both good and evil into clear focus. Evil is already thereI believe we need to collectively agree to stop focusing on the evil and realize  that all we are doing is fuelling it giving it power stop thinking on it instead lets collectively seek the good. We can survive without corrupt govornment or any govornment or banking or corporate greed violence etc we just have to collectively agree that we don’t need them   You do realize humans are the only sources on the planet that pays to live here don’t you! ? Yet all of this fight over money and greed wars and wars smh.

Why do we fight over gun rights instead of collectively agreeing not to kill one another?

 I can no longer five any energy to the darkness. I am light and will expel feed nourish and love the light that is me. It allows me to see and navigate safely through the darkness without it becoming or  changing me. 

Join me move into fuel and become a light 

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