Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is most common among older people around the age of 50 perhaps older. It is similar in nature to other neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s disease. These diseases are both rather serious with very little in the way of treatment options in the normal Western Establishments for death so I came to the conclusion that they must both be excellent place to try cannabinoid medicines. Not being a doctor or having any formal medical training please note these are all my opinions and any suggestions are ones that through my uneducated research and speaking to people who have actually lived through this that I have come to these conclusions. It is my suggestion that you do your own research and do not ever take anything or anyone at face value. These are suggestions from my reading and other people’s practical application.

Let’s start with the basics like a description of the ailment. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease caused when your neurotransmitter dopamine is no longer producing the neurons within the small region of the midbrain called the substantia nigra. Thee reduced levels of dopamine interfere with coordination and motor function. Medical PRACTITioners have yet to discover the reason the dopamine producing neurons stop functioning, personally I think it has to do with inflamation and environment.

The classic symptoms are muscular rigidity, tremors and slow movement. These symptoms seem to be the result of the brain’s motor cortex caused by the insufficient levels of dopamine getting to the brain. Western Practitioners prescribe things such as levodopa and carbidopa. Levodopa is supposed to convert to dopamine in the brain and carbidopa prevents the levodopa from being broken down before it reaches the brain…

It is not surprising that the use of levodopa usually causes a much more severe side effect called dyskinesia which is another movement disorder that causes uncontrolled  or unusual movements of the mouth, tongue, face, head, neck arms and legs.

So me not being willing to suggest anything Western that will make my people feeling worse and who knows what else will come from any form of Western anything I began seeking people who have used cannabis to treat this ailment.

Historically, Parkinson’s disease was first described as a neurological syndrome by a man named James Parkinson in 1817, although  if you read traditional Indian medical texts all the way back to 1000 BCE they are not named but there are many conditions described that fall into the same category as Parkinson’s. a 19th Century British Neurologist by the name of William Gowers used a combination of cannabis and opium to treat Parkinson’s disease and was quoted saying ” I have several times seen a very distinct improvement for a considerable amount of time under their use.”

There is a huge gap in information from that time era forward everything I can find on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating Parkinson’s was rather inconclusive , although observational studies and surveys appear promising. In 2004 a survey was conducted at the Prague Movement Disorder Center and from what I have uncovered it appears that more than half of the PD patients who tried cannabis noticed subjective improvements. In 2013 at the 17th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, Israeli researchers presented an observational study of 17 PD patients using cannabis to control motor symptoms. The effects of cannabis on these 17 PD patients symptoms were evaluated using the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) The patients non motor symptoms and cannabis side effects were also evaluated. It appears to me that about an average of 30 percent improvement in the average UPDRS score. However analysis of different motor symptoms revealed SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT  for tremors, rigidity, and slowness of movement.

SMOKING  cannabis had no effect on their posture, however smoking cannabis did seem to greatly improve the levels of pain. The only side effect reported was sleepiness. Now mind you these studies were done exclusively with THC and smoking it. However as life has evolved and more research has been allowed (or done regardless of the higher ups) there have been many discoveries of other compounds besides the THC. From everything I have uncovered there is something still rare to us here in the USA but all over Southern Africa and Central Asia  called THCV that compound in conjunction with CBD have in other studies proven to have great neuroprotective characteristics. I do not know why I cannot locate any information to cement what I am proposing and again remember I am NOT a doctor I am just a woman on a mission to help end the needless imposed and inflicted suffering of my people. However it is my belief that a combination therapy of therapeutic doses of CBD and THCV  will intervene and help with the progression of PD.

It’s like this the endocannabinoid system changes observed in Parkinson’s disease are currently thought to occur both in compensation to the disease and also as part of it’s pathology. There really is not enough evidence noted anywhere to fully claim that cannabis can cure Parkinson’s disease. From my research I believe that using high cbd and THCV varieties of cannabis can provide symptomatic relief as they have potential neuroprotective properties. THC varieties may be better suited for pain relief.

If you are going to try cannabis for your Parkinsons I would suggest varieties  from South Africa like Durban Poison and Swazi Skunk as they have high THCV content. Smoking and sublingual ingestion seem to be the common practice for Parkinson’s patients though I would think transdermal patches should be made available for you all soon.

Ok so now let’s leave the cannabis space momentarily as everyone knows that I am not 100 percent sold out that cannabis is a one stop cure all shop, I believe it is one leg of a three legged stool in my research I find diet is extremely effective in negating some symptoms of PD remove all acid content from your diet, raise your fiber and iron intake and remove dairy products. I also believe that your vitamin D receptors are damaged and that your crown chakra are in need of work.  The Vitamin D receptor is extremely important and it’s being out of whack can cause many many problems healthwise I have not in Western Medicine seen anyone paying attention to upregulating the vitamin D receptor however all energy healers realize its importance and know that by clearing your crown chakra the vitamin D receptor will also begin to properly function.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. There are no incurable diseases, yet there are no cures for diseases. The cure lies somewhere in your mind when you decide to take responsibility for your own existence and accept the fact that no one has all the answers for you not the doctor or lover neighbor or friend but ultimately inside you lies all the answers that you need if only you are willing to look within and listen. No one has all the answers but if you are reading this, if you are researching and looking outside of the government created box, if you quiet your mind and listen to that small still voice and let it guide you you have the ability within you to bring about your own healing.

We live in a toxic world, the first and most important thing in fighting and disease is to detoxify and stop putting toxins in. Your body is your temple there are enough poisons being dumped on us and fed to us let us chose not to participate in this and take part in our healthy non encumbered or restricted existence seek knowledge, love yourself and listen to your inner guide it will never lead you astray…..

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    1. I am not sure but will certainly look into it. My research has also shown a strong connection between early dental infections gone untreated and neurological distress but am still researching. Will amend post when research concludes. Xxoo


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