Infected Teeth

Dr. Edward C. Rosenow, head of the experimental bacteriology for the Mayo Foundation for a period that spanned 31 years was likely the most brilliantly gifted and thorough researcher whose monumental contribution to the body of both historical medical THEORY AND PRACTICE marked what could have been the new epoch in medical history had it been any country but his own…

Dr Rosenow conclusively delineated the role of infected teeth and or tonsils to be the cause of many many diseases, including many mysterious disease conditions even but not limited to the nemesis known as AIDS….. (in 1944? hmmm quite curious do you not think?) It is the opinion of myself and others that Dr Rosenow is the most viable candidate for physician of the century , no the millennium. He successfully identified the cause of many disease conditions in constitutionally predisposed people and in so doing may very well have scientifically refined the very concept of disease….

I am not saying Dr Rosenow had all the answers to questions concerning the root cause of disease, however he did make great strides towards answering many of them. While he continued to search for other factors which contribute to the cause of specific diseases he did in fact establish that: organisms taken from oral foci of persons with a diverse range of diseases, properly preserved and or cultured using his painstakingly conceived and exhaustingly proven techniques,tend to cause these same diverse disease conditions in laboratory animals, furthermore Dr Rosenow was able to recover the organisms from the animals and pass the diseases on to other animals. With these and other confirming tests, Dr Rosenow clearly fulfilled the Koch-Henle criteria for proving the microbial cause of many diverse diseases.

Furthermore, in the course of documenting the relation between infected oral foci and systemic diseases, Dr Rosenow and other related works extensively demonstrated that root canal treated teeth invariably are infected, regardless of x-ray results, and as such invariably comprise harmful , infected oral foci, thus it is not coincidental that root canal therapy advocacy has comprised the core of opposition to proper consideration and the actual discreditation of Dr Rosenows work . However it is not my opinion but a fact that there is not a chance in hell that anyone could have lasted 31 years working at the Mayo foundation if they did not conform to the absolute highest of technical and ethical standards. On the contrary, Dr Rosenow was not the type to merely get by or to conform. Rather his work is characterized by continually searching for alternative test and answers to remaining questions, with each successive one of his nearly 300 articles exploring some new aspect of the problem.

So what happened between 1944 when the last of the 300 articles were written and now? How is it possible that the information compiled over 31 years escaped us? Oh let me guess? It was right around the same time William Hearst did the smearing of Hemp to make it illegal, and the genius of Dr Rosenow was lost in the library so to speak….. I smell rats, corruption,deception..subterfuge…

Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

#fucktheestablishment  #thecorruptionrunsdeep #revolution #knowledgeispower #cannabisheals #noonlegalization #wakeupworld #loverevolution #humansunite

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