Litter Mates


Be careful what you wish for. Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. Speak your destiny. There are no coincidences. I’ll be the rib you be the cage…………

Close your eyes and lets all have a silent prayer together today and every day.

All that I do and all that I share are based in imagination because it is in my imagination that all of my dreams are created. Including the dream of my life…. With him I used my imagination and I journeyed into what I thought was the most amazing dream that everything that exists between us is magic and that we were born magicians that we were born with the power to manifest magic the power to control our dreams the power to make our dreams come true that whatever dream we have together we can manifest effortlessly without a doubt we together could manifest it that whatever is in our lives we are uncomfortable with that we together have the power to change it and to experience together an amazing life. That together we would no longer have to live our lives with anger hate jealousy or envy that because we have the power to control our dreams that we could conquer anything that comes our way because together we are not afraid to face anything we are not afraid of being judged or rejected. We love the way we are exactly as we are. That between us there is no shame or guilt and there is not a need to control or change that we chose to live our life together with joy love and happiness because together we are game changers generous and giving the best of ourselves together wherever we go and that our energy and power together as a couple that together we can collectively forgive all that has happened to us right down to the relationships with our parents that we are able to forgive them and move forward with our lives we are happy and proud of ourselves and our relationship works perfectly we have no conflict or fear of loss and we are not restricted by limitations of ego or mind or this human instrument. Our search is over we know longer need to search because together everything we need is in the palms of our joined hands. We no longer need to look for justice because we are justice. we no longer judge ourselves and find ourselves guilty and in need of punishment. No one can manipulate our unified mind. we no longer are searching for God because God is the life inside of us that manifest in all we do. Our relationship is effortless and there is no need to sacrifice ourselves or anyone else the only thing we have to do is make one another happy and to let that love shine and share it with others wherever we go by allowing our light to shine on all of creation…And So it shall be truth.


#powerfulcouples #gamechangers #twinflames #soulmates #reunited

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