Mandala Effect

Those of you that follow me on my talk show know that at the beginning of the first few episodes I was saying that I wanted to bring into clear focus both good and evil and went on to explain why….

Perhaps all of this exposing of the negative forces of evil are giving them more life more power, perhaps even creating the reality because we agree that it is so, we agree that it is truth and we agree that it has power over us.

I recently awakened in a new way. Instead of my former plan of exposing things that are dark I have decided to talk share and plan for solutions rather than communicate the problem. We can lead ourselves, we can survive even thrive without government corporations banks, money greed and fear, weapons violence etc, but only if we collectively agree that they are not desired or needed.

We the people are being played in much more sinister ways than mere greed, even those of us trying to communicate the truth. The commodity our enslavers desire is not money or gold but our essence, our being our souls.

Our thoughts and energy should be spent seeking goodness rather than exposing believing in and recognizing evil. Why discuss financial matters when the truth is humans are the only species on the planet to pay to live here. Why have we all collectively accepted this as normal or necessary? Why do we argue over gun rights instead of collectively agreeing not to kill our fellow man? Why are we allowing technology to advance while our species is mindlessly connecting to the matrix and de evolving at an alarming pace?

If we want change perhaps we should stop trying to use intellect and logic to understand why and what is happening and rather use love and a childlike mind to create the world we desire and deserve? The more we learn of evil the more we believe in its power the more we actually fuel and create it. Seek Goodness and Kindness and Light in all that you do. Chose your thoughts wisely for what you think is what creates your reality

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