Home Grown Medicine

Most people are under the false impression that all I use or believe in to #fightdisease is #cannabis and that is false..in fact it could not be farther from the truth. Yes I am a firm believer that #cannabisoil properly processed in the right dosing can assist in eliminating a good majority of the ailments brought about by age related, chronic, degenerative, autoimmune and other life stealing ailments, but it is only one part of this journey. While I am a firm believer in the medicinal benefits of cannabis I am not so ignorant as to say there are no drawbacks.
Comparatively speaking, were we to compare it to alcohol or pharmaceuticals then there are none, it is a hundred percent better than either of those however it must be consumed responsibly and if you are using it to treat an ailment there are many many life altering chemical compounds in cannabis and there are right ones for your ailment and there are in reality ones that can promulgate your ailment so do not be so naive as to think going to the dispensary and grabbing a syringe full of “#RICKSIMPSONOIL” is the solution. While it can be a solution to a portion of your issues if you have an estrogen sensitive breast cancer a legitimate old school #RSO will promulgate the growth of that breast cancer. SO do not be fooled into thinking just because it is a FORM of RSO does not mean A) that it is ACTUALLY RSO (* I will explain shortly) or B) that it is what is right for you no matter what your ailment.
First of all *RSO ie: Rick Simpson Oil is popping up everywhere, hell there was a slutty mouth picture and some bullshit claims of it being Rick Simpson Oil and CURING a list of about ten different ailments full page ad a few months back in #Culturemagazine advertising Rick Simpson Oil as the one stop cure all shop. It infuriated me so I began investigating. First thing I did was call Janet Sweeney the active President of The Phoenix Tears Foundation which FYI was started and built in its early stages by none other than Rick Simpson and to her knowledge Rick has no connection or even knowledge of this product being advertised and sold in his name. Sadly he just does not take the time to stop these charlatans, most likely because he is either lazy or under the mindset that any publicity is good publicity. Frankly that pisses me off and can be discussed at a later time, however if you are a public figure, if people look to you for help etc you kinda have a moral obligation to your followers especially in a situation such as this people are dying and buying this product because it bears your name and when it is not your product and you have no idea what’s in it how it’s tested if it’s tested at all and furthermore people are buying it to live because it has your name on it and we don’t even know how they are processing it. if they are infact processing it the way Rick Simpson does in his videos then don’t use it because while Rick was a pioneer in his time bringing cannabis BACK into the medical space he DID NOT DISCOVER cannabis oil, he simply re introduced it to this generation and science has advanced leaps and bounds since Rick re opened that door for us, but he is NOT the best person for the job when it comes to telling you have many cannabinoids you need what your thc to cbd and thca ratios are etc etc, mainly because in my opinion he really does not give a shit and two his methods are archaic at best, but in a pinch when living in a state it is not legal and you are desperate to find some alleviation from suffering for self or loved ones Ricks way is better than no way at all and later I will teach you how to do it at home. At any rate my point is cannabis is not the only healing herb and it is not right for everyone…
There are many other medicinal herbs that you can use to heal yourself . What is a medicinal herb is a question some may be asking. Well if you are a person that cooks meals at home and likes flavor then it is likely that you already have some of these medicinal herbs in your home. Many culinary spices are also esteemed herbal medicines ie: Basil, Cayenne, Garlic, Turmeric and so on. Furthermore if you grow a garden and are one of those that plant herbs in the middle of the rows for their added scent ie: Lavender then in reality you are already practicing herbology without knowing it.
Garden herbs like Lavender, thyme, basil, rosemary, mint, yarrow, and peppermint are extremely useful and have been used throughout history in herbal remedies, salves, teas, poultices and tinctures for their healing attributes. In a time where the conventional allopathic medicine is finally showing it’s true colors I feel this is a good time to try and incorporate my knowledge and share it with my people. So many of you falsely believe that I am only interested in the healing benefits of cannabis and you could not be more wrong, cannabis just happens to be a hot topic right now and while it is in my opinion a gift from the Gods, it can also be misused, misrepresented, misunderstood and abused… We can thank our leaders and media for that little quid pro. Cannabis is by far the most amazing plant in the Universe, but it is not the only amazing gift that Mother Earth provides. But in my opinion there is NOT ONE HUMAN AILMENT that cannabis in conjunction with the other natural herbs, music, diet and right thinking cannot reverse, stop, negate or completely remove. It is my mission to teach you how to treat and prevent common human ailments at home, and even some of the more complex ones created in a laboratory or caused by infected oral foci….. Stay tuned !

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