Meet my friend Cannabis

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the Cannabaceae family, cousin to the hopps and hackberry trees. There are 3 primary variations in cannabis, Sativa, Indica and ruderalis. It is native to regions of Asia and the first documented uses of cannabis in Medicine are recorded in that region.

Cannabinoids are the active medicinal chemicals in the cannabis plant. Only one of these chemicals causes the psychoactive effect that it is known for and that is the compound THC. There are over 60 other cannabinoids in the plant and still discovering more daily. The ones I am most familiar with are  THC, THCA, THCV, CBG, CBN, CBC and CBD. It is the compound THC that when inhaled or ingested that is responsible for that “high” effect. However, normally where there is THC there is certainly CBD a non psychoactive cannabinoid that also has a plethora of healing capabilities. For me, my personal experience it is the CBD that helps me with inflammation, chronic nagging pain (not the bone cancer pain but like arthritic pain)  and anxiety. I have also recently realized that it has been almost a year since I have had a seizure!

The thing about my friend Cannabis is our enslavers have instilled such a corrupt and false belief system in humanity and have compromised the truth replacing it with lies to keep us under their control and living in a fear subjugated reality that this natural life changing, eye opening, sustainable miracle plant has been demonized. I can explain it to you but I can not make you understand… But you yourself can chose to listen and take it in or scoff it off as more of my crazy talk….I simply am required to plant the seeds, speak my truth what you do with it decides your future. There are enough of us aligning that we will be the change whether you are willing or not.

Sativa: A tall and skinny plant with elongated leaves. There are two main variations of #Sativa, one is the medicinally active one and the other is Hemp. #Hemp is non psychoactive and bred specifically for its fiber (as it can be made into a plethora of products) and its seed which is extremely nutritious in its raw form. Hemp also is used to make an amazingly valuable ingestible oil that is legal everywhere and can be purchased in most health food stores and online. Hemp is an industrial grade of the cannabis sativa plant so low in THC that it is legal to grow in many places all around the world and we are striving for that here in the US. as it was once common place here, our founding fathers grew hemp, our first flag was sewn from hemp and the constitution was drafted on Hemp paper. It was not until the wealth of a very evil man William Herst was threatened by hemp that it became illegal…. All he had to do was put lies out in the media and all our ancestors bit on it and we are here 76 years later still trying to get it ironed out.

At any rate back to the subject at hand. When Sativa is grown for medicinal reasons the effects have been reported as heady and energetic. It has also been reported to be great for pain as it has a good percentage of naturally recurring CBD along with the THC. During the day I prefer Sativas high in CBD as they provide the most pain relief without making me want to sleep.

Indica: #indica is a short broad leafed plant that can include an array of colors from purple,blue, pink to yellows and orange hairs. Indica is appreciated for its high THC cannabinoid content (in truth without a crapload of unnatural chemical growth bullshit yield up to 20% THC) and has been used for literally thousands of years in other regions to make concentrates ie: hashish that can be a high THC potency of up to 50% (again this is when naturally grown with compost and NATURAL ingredients )  The concentrated form of cannabis specifically indica has been used for thousands of years in its concentrated form, much longer than #prohibition has existed.

Indica has amazing sleep inducing and narcotic properties which make it a great choice for pain control or relaxation, and has naturally occurring CBD which enhances other qualities of the plant.

Ruderalis: #ruderalis is a small plant without many qualities of the primary variations of cannabis it is mostly used for breeding and hybrid purposes and I have very little knowledge of its uses

Hybrid: is extremely prevalent as most of today’s cannabis is in fact now #hybrid. Although landrace strains are my favorite, there are some very interesting color variations and flavors making them extremely popular. Hybrids reportedly have MOST of the effects of its dominant strain: if there is more sativa than indica it may be more heady and vice versa. I would say the popular hybrids are a balance of the two. Not too sleepy not too heady…. My personal jury is still out on hybrids as it has been altered and is not natural it is hybrid and well I am a simple girl who desires a simple life…



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