Topical Pain Relief Recipe

This is a VERY basic recipe for your #doityourselfdoctoringkit . I have much more advanced and condition specific recipes that as time permits I will share with you. I simply wanted to get this basic one out there for those asking. It is simple a good place to start as a novice with items you likely have in your cabinet at home or can easily acquire at your #neighborhoodhealthfoodstore. 

You will need:

PURE Olive oil. (you may NOT waiver on this it must be #pureoliveoil to work)

Cannabis Flower or Keif

Cinnamon Sticks or Powder

Cayenne Peppers or Powder

Ginger Root or Powder 

Dried Clove Buds

Black Pepper

Turmeric Root or Powder

Crock Pot 


Cheese Cloth or Nylons

Half sized mason jar


I will assume no one has the fresh items at home and give measurements for dry powders and if you would like that converted to fresh weights comment below and I will send them…..

Pour one cup of #pureoliveoil into your #crockpot along with 3 cups of #distilledwater 3.5 grams of ground #cannabisflower  one gram of #cinnamonpowder 2 grams #cayennepowder one gram #gingerpowder two tablespoons of #driedclovebuds one gram #blackpepper three grams of #turmericpowder in your crockpot on its lowest possible setting and cook for 3.5 hours. Do not allow the oil to burn or fry the plant matter as it will change the fragrance and composition.

Line the strainer with a few layers cheesecloth and pour your oil through lift up and squeeze the excess oil and save the flower product as later I will teach you how to use it in hot compresses.

Set the container in the freezer to solidify. You can store it in a cool dry place afterwards but it must solidify in the freezer for proper consistency. can be applied from freezer or warmed and massaged in warm and stirred and re froze.

Be sure to always wash your hands after applying it because if you rub cayenne in your eyes or genitals it sucks……. Plus it’s just good practice #goodhygienerocks

3 thoughts on “Topical Pain Relief Recipe

  1. A friend sent me a link to your blog: WOW. You rock. I make botanical remedies in general, and am putting cannabis into various things now almost all the time. I’m making cbd oils for internal use and also topical. SO happy to have found your blog!

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