Hepatitis C

Several emails have come in asking about alternative treatments for Hepatitis C.

Well beings that hepatitis C often leads to liver cancer and Hep C related cirrhosis remains the primary indicator for liver transplants I was sure that if I dug deep enough there would be some corruption, followed by a simple solution. (I made myself a simple promise “I will attempt not to get to enraged by the corruption and quickly to the solution”and set out with answers to find)

#HepatitisC is a liver disease that causes the organ to be inflamed. This inflammation is red swelling caused by injury or infection. This inflammation can cause organs to stop working properly. The liver is a very important organ. It has a lot of functions such as fighting infections, removing harmful chemicals from the blood, and it helps the body digest food. The human body cannot live without a liver. This is an essential organ. The cause of hepatitis C is the hepatitis C virus. The virus is similar to the flu virus but can affect the body more severely. There are many symptoms of hepatitis C such as jaundice, loss of appetite and fever  This virus can be diagnosed with a blood test. The test can also determine if you have chronic or any other type of hepatitis. There is no treatment for this medical issue unless you have the chronic form. If you are diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C,  prescription medication will be given to treat this prescription medication with horrible side effects and well I am still researching the quality of life after these “cures” they are selling, because whenever I look at them I see a skull and crossbones…

So if we do our research and go to the root I am certain it has already been proven in some hidden study the different cannabinoids and what they are capable of within the liver…. fast forward it seems that recently a better understanding of how the endocannabinoid system functions within the liver and the proposal of using CB1 receptor antagonists to blockade the endocannabinoid response within the liver. This would reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver and lessen insulin resistance.

Cannabinoids such as THCV and CBD should be of value when blocking the CB1 receptors in the liver. Cannabinoids that activate CB2 receptors ie:CBD should help in protecting the liver from damage caused by Hep C. My feeling is the least possible amount of Thc as possible and more CB1 antagonist such as THCV and CBD will be helpful in protecting the liver from additional damage and CBD actually helps repair the liver….

If you chose to do conventional poison 25 mg of THC could help negate some of the side effects of your western treatments and help reduce nausea and vomiting during that cycle.  Oral cannabis medicines provide the longest sustained relief providing you can keep them down during acute nausea. Perhaps vaporizing would provide faster relief and can be easily dosed by those with little experience?

White Widow, Harlequin and OG Kush have reportedly good results

My limited medical education gives me the opportunity to keep it simple go to the root and find tools to deal at the root…. Seems to me THCV and CBD might be as effective without harmful side effects associated with conventional poisoning

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