Present Naturals Transdermal Patch

There is not much worse than someone at the end of their life suffering in pain, body torn apart from the gaumet of bullshit western treatments, each one leaving you worse than the one before, wishing for the death they ensured you was knocking at your door…. well perhaps there is, perhaps KNOWING that relief is just beyond your reach and out of your budget…..

This was me not long ago. Until I went to The Chalice Festival in San Bernardino about 5 weeks ago. I was networking, trying to step out of my comfort zone and submerge myself into the recreational side of this miracle plant, in hope of finding more like minded individuals that though they love to smoke the herb were also into the healing aspects and being part of the solution, while having a good time….I was seeking my tribe.

I met some amazing people there, but right now I want to discus Erron Present owner of Present Naturals. At first when He approached me I was a little put off as I really hate pushy salesmen and I was certain that’s exactly what he was because he did not look anything like any of the people attending, be they vendors or patrons. So judging the book by its cover… Salesman… I was correct, but I limited him. He is more than a salesman. First and foremost he is a really nice guy, as far as guys go, but more so he was a little cocky, but rightfully so. He was not out there peddling pot or dabs he has a solid effective product  that actually does MORE than he claims.

Present Naturals is a Transdermal Patch that you put on your upper arm for 24 hours and it delivers a steady flow of relief for at least 12 hours and you notice the results in under ten minutes. I noticed that it eliminates ALL pain for a good 12 hours and then the more nagging ones start to seep back in but if you put it on after you shower in the morning you can get through your entire day with ease and though it does seem to start wearing off after about 12 hours it’s ok because you can smoke a little at the end of the day and it kicks right back in.

What I can tell you is this. I have been battling chronic pain and cancer and botched surgical procedures for 16 years and have not had one pain free day. That is until I met Erron and he gave me these patches. My physicians say that as it stands I am a medical anomaly. They can not explain why I am still walking this earth…. I can tell you it is cannabis. But what I can also tell you is that while eating about a gram a night of Cannabis oil has killed 23 of 26 tumors, my bone marrow is still an issue and I still deal with excruciating pain most days, unless I have my present naturals….. So if you are in pain, you do not have to be. I no longer have to suffer because I will not fill my body with their pharmaceutical poisons. I could walk into a Drs office and walk out with a nice skittles bowl full of narcotics and benzos but I chose to live free of toxins and thanks to Present Naturals now I can enjoy life without pain.  Three thumbs up !!!!   tell them Valorie from Yes I Said That sent you

2 thoughts on “Present Naturals Transdermal Patch

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Thank you


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