Legalize This!

I am BEYOND tired of reading nonsense about cannabis legalization. Wake up world and get a grip. There were a shitload of petitions signed and letters written by senators to the DEA that they had to pretend like they were considering it to stop mayhem in the streets, but so long as the DEA is in charge of both writing the law and enforcing it, it does not make one fucking bit of difference what the tax paying citizens want…. FYI the DEA is in charge of scientific studies and saying they are lightening the strings on this is straight bullshit plenty of scientific studies that show the medicinal value of cannabis plenty, but they are being done in countries like Spain and Israel and our government actually is funding these studies. Prime example Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of Israel. The US National Institute of Health has provided Dr. Mechoulam with funding for cannabis research since the early 1960’s, and the National Institute of Drug Abuse gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2011 for his research .
I have read his research and it tells beyond a doubt that medical marijuana, not a pill but the actual plant in smoked or edible form has great medicinl benefits and though it is not legal for recreational use in Israel it is due in fact to Machoulams research funded by your tax dollars cannabis  is being prescribed in Israel for PTSD, epilepsy,, seizure disorders, MS, Chrohns, Chronic Pain, Cancer and HIV.
Meanwhile most Americans with these same conditions do not have access to cannabis for treatment even though it was our tax dollars that funded the research Dr. Machoulam preformed. It is not the NIDA or the NIH deciding the value of cannabis its the DEA a clearly biased organization and why would they be anything other? If they do not keep the war on drugs going they will be out of a job.
It comes down to job security. Why on earth would they reverse their position on cannabis and admit that they have been unjustly prosecuting and imprisoning American citizens and ruining their lives for what? Nothing. Literally Nothing other than greed and subterfuge. Crap. Horseshit… This is disgusting and I am beyond pissed off. We as a people need to do something. If the DEA wont step aside then we make them obsolete. We must use our voices and make a difference somehow. Cannabis needs to be legalized correctly in every state and not for Govt profit. I am going to break down the laws state for state and county by county on my blog and let each state know what they need to do to kick the DEA’s ass. This is fucking ridiculous and I am over it.

One thought on “Legalize This!

  1. Thank you for this. JEEEEEZ. Right on, seriously. Also I had blanked out who funded the Israeli research….*sigh*…..but I think it’s pretty clear that until Monsanto and Philip Morris have their paws all over this crop, nothing is going to “shift”. I will be following you with interest!!!!!


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