Carpe diem it is later than you think

There are no shortage of reminders that death is right around the corner and I am not talking on a personal level due to my health…. The words from a dream or perhaps from when I read the Celestine Prophecies or perhaps it comes from Ozymandias I do not know but I dreamed it last night and woke up with his sentence running through my head ..”What powerful unrecorded race once dwelt in that annihilated place” I do not know if I dreamed this or it has been in one of the plethora of things I have been reading lately or is it just a vision of things to come. What I do know is it is extremely disturbing….fast forward into the not so distant future where some intrepid archaeologist of some future generation uncovering the relic of our own civilization, wondering what the purpose of some lifeless i pad or broken television or more likely a perfectly preserved McDonalds cheeseburger being tasted for the second first time.

We are on the brink of a major historical transition. The very nature of the Republican Democratic parties is even called into question with the profound shifts in public opinion and outright voter revolts on both sides that have led us to the Republican party elites uniting against its own presidential nominee and a bunch of Democrats who hate their candidate so much they have pledged not to vote for her.

For well over a year now we have been feeding into this divide and conquer, neighbor verses neighbor mentality which is being fueled from the higher ranks  is tearing apart our already fragile society, and as they are ripping us apart causing us to lash out at one another this fans the flames of the fire burning called Civil War.

I would not be so concerned if it was one or two maladies happening at once after all we all suffer from the human condition and can only act within the physical laws of this realm but it is not just one or two malfunctions, and honestly you can not convince me that they are malfunctions at all but rather well orchestrated smoke screens and battles all leading up to the inevitable end of life as we know it. And sadly all the things going on are only ever handled in one way WAR.

They tell us war can solve our problems, this lie is based on the worst kind of broken window thinking. War, we are told is the answer to the political gridlock that we have been programmed to complain about, even though in reality gridlock would be the best thing that could happen to our WOULD BE RULING CLASS , it would unite the nation around our valiant troops as they go off to conquer Foreign Lands.  We are led to believe that war is the only way to solve our differences. The strong conquer the weak and impose their order on  society in unwitting mimicry of the way ruling parasites conquer the rest of humanity and impose their order out of chaos.

The drums of war are beating louder and louder as each day passes. Battle lines are forming and  half the world is holding its collective breath, consoling themselves with thoughts like this is just a game or a ruse like the last big standoff. Perhaps it is, but my doubt still remains.

War is NOT the answer if we go that direction only death and destruction await us, the loss of countless scores of innocent lives and taken to its logical conclusion , the destruction of our civilization, the end of life as we know it. I am not even in a state of fear or self pity, I am in a state of disgust and anguish at all that could be but is being so uselessly frittered away all for the stroking of egos of blood thirsty tyrants….

I know most people look at this as if it is happening on some distant stage as if it were like shadows on the wall of a cave that can be observed but never changed. Like it is inevitable that some future archaeologist uncover the charred remains of what used to be a Chrysler mini van from under the nuclear rubble of old New York but I console myself with a different thought. It is a thought of a people who unite and rise up, a people who revolt. A people who love and care about one another and their race, an army built with knowledge and love based on the spirit of people helping people. I read of the Ozymandian slaves once they got sick and tired of their oppressors they united banned together and refused to serve… Perhaps this is what we too should do?

Every day there is some new bullshit situation for us to accept, chew on suffer through, this is the biggest election of our lives, look at the way they are trying to push that wretched bitch Hillary into the White House , they are burying the email scandal, not to mention the Clinton Foundation scandal and the way they vilify Trump for every word. This is an all out war or so it seems.

NATO seems to want a war with Russia, China is now involved in the Syrian situation, the executive order Obama signed concerning the Facilitation of a Presidential Transition…. the writing is on the wall people unless we do as Jefferson suggested and revolt. We do not need government tyrants ruling us, lying to us, killing our innocent pretending we have freedoms, destroying our planet, erasing our morals desensitizing our children and training them to…… oh that is for another day. I feel that our species is in a state of impending doom unless we rise up. There is an army building but we are scattered and most of us are broken but we refuse to let our lights be snuffed out. We refuse to quit. Some of us are holding on by a thread to life when all the signs say we should be dead. But we are here and we are powerful beyond measure and we are uniting and building an army of knowledge and love. We are trying to tip the scales back into our favor.

Yesterday I was at the beach and over half the people were mindlessly plugged into the Pokemon matrix and it was nuts. I know this is all connected and I do not like any of it. I aim to be the change. Shout my truths to any and all who will listen. Rise up Humans Unplug and unite. The end is nearer than you think and inevitable if you do not unplug from the matrix plug into your fellow man and empower yourselves by uniting and rising up as one species uninhibited by race or gender but united as one…….

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