My Tribe

“We are of the Indigo Tribe”

My Nana Clark used to whisper that in my ear and years later my chosen sister Bonnie blurted those words out in passing and something from way back in my childhood a few lifetimes ago rang true in MY SPIRIT and the indigo came to life…

What is indigo I’m sure at least one of you is asking so this is what I say

It is a color

a beautiful translucent color

that radiates around and in certain people.

few have it.

only a remnant

and we are all broken

a lost tribe thats been stranded in the wilderness since before we were born.


I lack the knowledge to properly name it…some would call it an aura, but for me it’s much bigger than that

it is your very essence. it is your spirit.

many spirits reside in this realm that we call earth.

Does not the Bible, to my knowledge the oldest, most read book known to man, say

” Let US create them in OUR image”

But that is for a latter time.

Back to the tribe


The Indigo Tribe, stranded in the wilderness since before we were born.

I suppose that would give us a connection that others do not have,

cannot concieve

and will not understand.

We are different.

We stand alone.

But we are united.

We are one.

Most humans (as I previously called it for lack of a better term) auras start on the outside and fade inward.

The colors are solid and they fade.

By the time they get to the center (the heart) the color no longer exsist.

The Indigo’s Spirit or Aura is different.

It radiates from within.

It starts in the Heart.

It is vibrant,

yet translucent

it starts inside and radiates outside

never wavering in intensity or vibrance,

yet it is translucent,

unique and alive.

What’s really amazing about it is that even though indigo is a very unique color that is like none other when the light hits it just right you can see that ALL of the other colors reside within it……



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