At the end of the day 

all we have is ourselves….

 and the beauty of the divine ….

which is feminine 

and healing

and in danger……

unless we ban together 

rise up 

and take control. 

The only way to do that

 take control that is 

is by doing what we were born to do 







rebuild what was torn out from underneath us 

a firm foundation 

One of unity and togetherness 

knowledge and love 

The spirit of people helping people nothing to do with technology

 YES we can use it 

but we need grass roots humanitarian efforts 

one person helping the next

 tipping the scales back in the favor of our species 

for our very planet

 and it all starts and it ends and begins again 

with a plant that once was a seed  

Given to us by THE mother AS A GIFT 

 of feminine intervention 

and of divine love  

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