The Hardest Goodbye

I was brought into your life as a messenger of healing, hope and love. How would I honor this is our exit was anything less?

Well, not exiting would be one way, the hope not being false would be another as far as the healing, yeah well it was what the intention was but you read it wrong, the healing was a joint mission and it was from our brokenness that we were born into

we were supposed to heal and conquer life together…. But it is perfectly fine, I know this could have happened had I handled situations differently and I did not so here we are at this place both fucked and going to have to come back and do it again….

So you plan your exit and fool yourself into believing that it is okay and that we have returned to a place of innocence, no babe we were supposed to grow out of the darkness and into the innocence you have it all wrong. But it does not matter it is far too late. You have sealed our fate….

I love you enough to let you have your illusion of resolution…. and I will continue in the abyss that has always been home to me. But you do not get a goodbye. It is simply over

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