No on Prop 64 point 1

The official voter registration guide summarizes Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization Initiative Statute as follows:

Legalizes Marijuana under state law, for use by adults 21 or older. Imposes state taxes on sales and cultivation. Provides for industry licensing and establishes standards for marijuana products. Allows local regulation and taxation. Fiscal impact: Additional tax revenues ranging from high hundreds of millions of dollars to over &1 billion annually, mostly dedicated to specific purposes. Reduced criminal justice costs tens of millions of dollars annually.

It goes on to tell you what your vote means 

They SAY that if you vote yes that adults 21 years of age or older could legally grow or possess, and use marijuana for non medical purposes, with certain restrictionsThe State would regulate non medical marijuana businesses and tax the growing and selling of medical and non medical marijuana. Most of the revenue from such taxes would support youth programs, environmental protection, and law enforcement

They SAY that if you vote no that growing, possessing, or using marijuana for non medical purposes would remain illegal. It would still be legal to grow, possess, or use marijuana for medical purposes. 

Then they go further and present pro and con arguments from the opposing sides.

PRO Prop 64 argument claims that Prop. 64 creates a safe, legal system for adult use of marijuana. It controls, regulates and taxes marijuana use, and has the nations strictest protections for children. It provides billions for after school programs, job training, drug treatment, and cracking down on impaired driving.

CON Prop. 64 argument claims that Prop. 64 purposely omits DUI standard to keep marijuana impaired drivers off our Highways. California Association of Highway Patrolmen and Senator Dianne Feinstein strenuously oppose. Legalizes ads promoting smoking marijuana, Gummy candy and brownies on shows watched by millions of children and teens. Shows reckless disregard for child health and safety.

Wow. Just wow. I have been attempting to collect my thoughts on this in such a manner that I can present them logically rationally and present them to you in a fashion that you will hear me.

I made a few of the words red to draw your attention to them. I implore with you to think. Words like MOSTLY or phrases like WITH CERTAIN RESTRICTION are way too vague for this person. It leaves way too much wiggle room.

There are 30 days until we get to cast our vote. Although I am not convinced that our votes even matter I am not willing to take that chance so I implore with each and every one of you to register to vote and educate yourselves and show up at the dam poles PLEASE. Every day between now and then I am going to break things down.  But today, this week I ask you to ponder a few things.

As you pay to pump your gas take note of the fuel tax that you pay that is reserved to fix our highways and take notice of the shape your roads are in…. they have collected billions of dollars in fuel taxes enough to pave every highway we have five times over….but the roads in my state show an entirely different story.

When you go to the store look at all of those lottery tickets, and if you can, I can not fathom the trillions of dollars that it was supposed to generate for bettering our education system . Do a little research for yourself, when did the lottery begin? hmmm has ANYONE noticed the mess our education system is in? It seems to me that it has seen a steady decline yet I see new lottery tickets every day…..



4 thoughts on “No on Prop 64 point 1

  1. GAH. THANKYOU. My head has been routinely exploding from people saying how great this proposition is. Great for investment bankers, you mean, I say. The only clear things in this really are about how much money is expected to be extracted from “the industry”. I am definitely voting a big NO on this. The rational first step is for the Fed to take it off that dratted absurd schedule. THEN we’d be getting somewhere. Thanks again!

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