Coconut Lavender  Scrub

What I have noticed over my life is nothing I have ever purchased in the area of skin products ever really did much for me. So I began tinkering with things out of my garden and cabinets at home… I have honestly come up with some pretty sure fire easy recipies and tricks that you can do at home to keep yourself feeling lovely. 

Knowing that our skin is our biggest organ we really must be extremely careful with what we use on it especially when we are prone to health issues the toxins we absorb usually unbeknownst to us through every day skin products ie soaps, lotions, makeup and just every day polutions we are exposed to in our environment. 

A simple treat you can do for yourself to beautify is get an all organic non bleached sugar pure virgin coconut oil dry lavender sprigs and a glass jar. 

You will mix equal parts coconut oil and sugar and grind the lavender and add to preference You may also want to add a tad bit of lavender essential oil two or three drops put this mixture in the shower and use it instead of soap. It exfoliates gently while calming your senses relaxing you and moisturizes all natually. 

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