PTSD and Cannabis

It , until very recently has been true that New Mexico was the only state that recognized the value of giving PTSD patients cannabis. Today it is legal in 9 states to presecribe cannabis for PTSD. 

In 1996 they began testing cannabis openly on Veterans from Vietnam. J.D Bremner published an article in the American Journa of Psychiatry titlede Chronic PTSD in Vietnam Combat Veterans: Course of Illness and Substance Abuse and it clearly stated back then that scientific studies have increasingly highlighted the use of cannabis by individuals with PTSD, particularly in the alleviation of night terrors.

Six years after this study was done David Vlahov reported similar associations among the people in New York after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which saw increased use of cigaretts alcohal and marijuana among residents of Manhatten

More and more valid evidence is appearing that many different groups of people us cannabis to cope with PTSD. From undergraduates to veterans, and the studies we have funded in Isreal have all agreed that individuals who have PTSD will find great relief from Cannabis primarily because it helps them with sleep.

While they have allowed some studies to go on there has not been enough. First, with the exception of two recent pilot studies of oral THC all studies of cannabis and PTSD have been observational and predominantly retrospective. They have assessed individual cannabis use without attempting to actually define or track the cannabis consumed. While this may work for substances that only vary in terms of potency such as alcohol not so much for cannabis. Indeed the two types of cannabis Indica and Sativa can have extremely different effectsdue to the types and concentrations of cannabinoids that are present within each type.

Last November the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment approved a 2.1 million dollar grant to study the effects of four different types of cannabis on PTSD in Veterans. It was to be the first randomized controlled trial to test which ratios of THC to CBD are most helpful to those with PTSD…. After a year they released a statement that said Objectively Speaking, given the current state of literature on this topic, there is very little evidence to support the theraputic use of cannabis among individuals with PTSD. They stated that though they saw that cannabis did alleviate many of the stressors of PTSD they stated that there was not enough evidence to show what would happen if the veterans tried to stop using cannabis. They stated that using cannabis was addictive and could likely worsen PTSD symptoms over time and removing the medicine would only lead people to return to their prior state of suffering.They only say this because they do not know. We need scientifically sound randomized studies non governement studies done by the people for the peope of trials done for Cannabis and PTSD, not to see if it works as it does, but to best understand what strains and types are best for what symptoms and whatthe best for of consumption is. The only studies we need are to find out what types work best for what ailments. We already know it is the miracle plant. But studies do need to be done as personally there are some types of cannabis that raise my anxiety levels and some that lower them some that make me hungry and some that reduce my craqvings…. 

Bottom line is the story is incomplete, the higher ups have been very clever and cunning in confusing us and our thoughts towards this miracle plant. Not only does it have the ability to heal all of our frailties but also to save our planet…. The story is incomplete guys, way too many falicies and loopholes. Wake up Rise Up and educate yourselves…… PTSD can be a thing of the past as can soooo many other inflicted ailments….

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