Way to go Kansas

When Colorado first legalized cannabis neighboring states Oklahoma and Nebraska  filed lawsuits against Colorado in the US Supreme Court. Neighboring state Kansas took the wait and see approach they sat back and took notes and what they reported is certainly NOT what the higher ups are saying. 

The Kansas City Attorney General set about to gather evidence as to the effect Colorados legalization had on his state.

The results are staggering and the war on drugs folks aren’t super happy about it.  According to the Kansas City Star  the amount of marijuana being confiscated appears to be dropping quickly. The Kansas highway patrol reported that the number of marijuana stops has gone down since marijuana was legalized in 2014 the amount of marijuana seized has decreased by almost half. Even more interesting than the fact that less cannabis is being confiscated contrary to what the fear mongers were predicting is that attitudes about cannabis have changed dramatically in both law enforcement and the public opinions.  It goes on to say that in some jurisdictions law enforcement are no longer enforcing marijuana laws much and when they do it has become difficult to win convictions users may receive a fine in one county probation or jail and another and told to move along and others the criminal justice system is moving in the direction of what appears to be changes in public attitude Schmidt said obviously not moving as far as some people would like but there’s obviously an evolution or a change and this study showed that it has reached the law-enforcement level as well Kansas appears to have a population of good cops and district attorneys that seem to realize that enforcing the war on weed is simply nonsense local sheriffs reported that they stop at least five cars a day with personal use marijuana inside and they absolutely refused to issue citations or reports for it according to the district attorneys office in Clark County they simply confiscated and send them on their way as a rather humorous consequence of this one police department had to install fans in there drug storage facility because of the overpowering a strong odor that the Colorado marijuana has……..

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