Placebo Effect

I have been reading some of Bruce Lipton PHD’s works and though he is not really the type of writer that I can easily follow I keep sitting down and taking the time to thoroughly read and research him and his findings because they resonate as total truth to me. The Biology of belief is a must read…. It brings me back around to the placebo trials I am always referring to and their effectiveness.

Do you realize that a placebo can work even when you know that you are taking it?

The placebo in reality is the most powerful remedy around in my opinion, because it is strictly mind over matter it is in fact as effective and sometimes even more so as most drugs and for a wide array of conditions. It can even work when we KNOW we are being given it, or so that is what some researchers have found.

Usually in medical trials the participants are not told if they are being given a placebo or the actual drug. But in one study even when the participants knew they were taking a placebo they were able to be conditioned into believing that the placebo is actually working this study  was performed at the University of Colorado Boulder. The researchers there thought that if we believe in the power of those treatments and have experiences consistent with those beliefs, when that happens the brain responds as if it were a real event, even when they know it is a placebo. In this particular study the researchers burnt the upper arm of the participants and the  area was then treated with a cooling gel that was  actually only Vaseline with blue food coloring and the participants watched them mix it together but then were given opportunity to believe it to be burn ointment and the pain subsided and the burn began to heal.

The hardest thing to do for a cancer patient is changing their belief systems. When an allopathic doctor tells them they are going to die on a certain date, it has been found that if the patient believes that then they die when this Doctor tells them they are going to. the hardest thing to overcome when bringing someone out of the gamete of bullshit western medical practices and bring them back to the side of life is getting rid of those negative thoughts that this allopathic Doctor has put into their heads. They are simply a man or woman practicing medicine they are not God and it is all about how you think and believe so the hardest thing to face when taking someone to a natural path of healing and wholeness is getting the negative belief system imposed by allopathic practitioners out of their heads and replace it with the knowledge that no one not your doctor, your wife your lover your friend NO ONE has all the answers but you innately do if you take responsibility for your own existence and decide not one of us is God or in control of your destiny but you. You chose this mission and it is entirely up to you whether or not you complete it.

There are no cures, that lies within your mind and you innately know what it is you need. your mind is extremely powerful and if you believe that you are going to die then it is only a matter of time. However you do not have to die if it is not your time. There is hope and there are ways to naturally eliminate needless suffering. But no one can chose life for you but you.

We are all dying. Every day that we wake up each one of us in one day closer to death. It is the one thing that we are promised. There is no cheating it. But there are tools that you can acquire along the way that will eliminate unnecessary suffering , seek and you will find. I promise the cure is not going to come in the form of a pill or something that a scientist made in a lab out of chemicals…. The relief will be found in nature and in your thought process… Not in a bottle marked RX not in a drip that floods your body with mustard gas and not by removing parts…. There is not one cell in the human body that cannot regenerate…


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