You have breast cancer! Psyche….

I have been really on a mission to end the world of needless suffering and to try and right some of the wrongs that are going on in our health care system. Specifically women’s health care. Something that is alarming to me are the rise in breast cancers and the false diagnosis’s going on. i always have to go outside of the US to find proper answers and this disgusts me to no end. However it does bring the answers and so it is something I am willing to continue even though the countless hours of research cause me an endless amount of upper body pain, it is okay because at least the pain comes from something I have done, as opposed to something that was done to me. For breast cancer it was what I learned from the Norwegian government that has me extremely distraught right now.

According to a study that was prepared for the Norwegian Government 5 to 1 mammography’s rate of FALSE positives. It stated that for every breast cancer patient properly diagnosed by a mammogram, five are seen that are not actually there. These false diagnoses none the less result in surgery and you guessed it chemotherapy.

The study was prepared for the Norwegian government which had to decide whether to keep its routine mammography screening program going. In 2013 the Swiss authorities received recommendations to end the nations program, while England was recommended to keep it’s going in 2012.

Despite the rate of false positives as an incorrect diagnosis’s is termed the Norwegian study concluded to retain it’s screening program. They said the goal was to reduce breast cancer mortality rates by 30 percent. They also state that depending on how you look at it  they may have reached their goal, but it took a huge toll in the form of misdiagnosis. This came from Professor Roar Johnsen at the Norwegian university of science and technology who actually prepared this report.

The rate of lives saved varied greatly from report to report. One study suggest that  mammography has reduced deaths by as little as ten percent at the other extreme another estimated that it reduced deaths by 32 percent. So it really is not conclusive. However what was conclusive was the rate of FALSE POSITIVES that mammography has consistently produced. For every 27 women correctly diagnosed 142 have a false positive that results in chemotherapy or surgery or both

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