Mary’s Nutritionals

Basically, Hemp and your traditional marijuana are the same plant- it’s all cannabis sativa. The only difference is the potency, where Hemp is kept under 0.3% THC by dry weight, and that’s regulated through Colorado’s Industrial Hemp program. But I think this is the biggest misconception It’s not about us growing or using an inferior product. It’s about us growing the highest quality we can and putting it under a different classification putting it to a different use. What we do is we grow these high quality strains, whether they’re Charlotte’s Web or any of those other names people recognize, and fine tune them for medicinal and nutritional use. That’s specifically related to hemp. The CBD whether in a nutritional or medicinal product, is the same high quality CBD with anti inflammatory qualities.

That was one of the areas we discovered when we came into the business is that testing is lackluster at best   I think we’re one of the only if not the only producer in the state to have a Cheif science officer. The testing is something we do in house because we feel it’s the only way to guarantee the claims we make. Before we even had the money to spend on it we had testing equipment in house to make sure we could back up our claims.   NICOLE SMITH

I was unable to get anyone at Mary’s to answer my questions about their products and where their hemp comes from where it’s tested or how it is processed or exactly what other ingredients are in it so I had to dig around and I’m not at all happy with what I found.

First and foremost I used it and my stomach began cramping terribly and then I got a headache I had my room mate use it he got a headache and then the next morning we both woke up with abscesses where we have faulty dental work 

You can see the abscess on my gum and you can see his face extremely swollen. He actually went and got antibiotics I used natural remedies as I am allergic to anti bio tics.

You can not tell me that this is not directly linked to these products. First off their chief officer is quoted above saying industrial hemp and cannabis are the same. We all know this is not true. They are in the same family but entirely different. While hemp is great for fossil fuels etc it is a natural bio accumulator and absorbs toxins from the ground and they have yet to study how to remove those toxins nor are they even testing for them yet as no one is even looking at that FACT

Next red flag is the in house testing to make sure they were getting the correct results. Well I want third party testing. In fact I demand it because obviously they are not going to tell us when they do not meet the standards and how can we know the truth when it’s all done in house by someone who does not even know the difference between cannabis and hemp?

I cannot get anyone from the company to talk to me even though they were more than willing to send this garbage out they won’t answer questions when someone thinks they are pushing junk.

What I did find is Elite Gardens is who provides their CBD and on the surface they look to be an amazingly environmentally conscientious company with all of their newfangled Chimney Rock Farms Hemp Greenhouses utilizing photovoltaics, woodbiomass boilers and aquaponics to nearly double the rate of growth and their claims to when necessary go beyond conventional organic protocals to regenerate the soil in the fields to avoid any potential issues with soil phytoremediation by the plants….

OK…so I have red flag after red flag because of all the modifications going on, when I need a dictionary to understand every other word in a sentence it seems a little un natural to me. Is not this a natural plant that heals naturally? So it does not need to be modified. I am very uncomfortable with all of this.  The plants are a natural bio accumulator and they use a photovoltaics lighting system and are concerned with phytoremediation…. Idk I am still following all of these words and companies and trying to figure it out but it seems to me that there is nothing natural in their process they are pushing industrial hemp claiming there is no difference and they are speeding up the growth process they are perverting the process and I just do not think its good.

I am still researching but there are a shitload of negative reviews out there and I am in agreement with them this shit sucks it’s toxic and should be pulled off the shelf. Do not I repeat do not trust this company or their products. I am still researching but for now it’s a big fat no! Warning warning do not use this garbage. This is my official opinion.

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