Cannabis Bath Salts

Cannabis bath salts are soothing, anti inflammatory, non drying and luscious on the skin. If you are seeking pain relief from conditions like arthritis, chronic headaches, cramps or nerve pain these baths will help relieve those symptoms. It is so hard to smile when you are in pain and these help.

These bath salts do have the potential to relax your muscles and can cause a slight euphoric or “high” feeling depending on the concentration of cannabis used and the length of time spent soaking in the bath. It can last for 3 to 6 hours depending on the amount of time spent soaking and the concentration of cannabis you have absorbed.  This can be adjusted and you may chose to use only CBD  so that there is no chance of psychoactive effects, while still providing a benefit similar to topical lotions.(message me if you need this alternative recipe as it is different)

You can prepare the bath salts really with whatever cannabinoid concentration that you prefer, there is no upward limit. However you may need to adjust other ingredients to ensure the cannabis oils have been fully emulsified. More than the suggested amount of cannabis can be wasteful but it is up to you. The effects of these bath salts have more to do with soaking time (exposure) than deploying super concentrations of cannabinoids.

You should spend as much time in the bath as you fell comfortable. Based on notes taken from others who have tried my products the consensus is that you begin to feel the effects after about 15 minutes with typical soak times ranging from 20 to 30 minutes for maximum benefits. I feel you should wait at least an hour after getting out of the bath to gauge your level of sobriety and if you are able to operate machinery etc as everyone is different.

Now look I have used the bath salts from dispensaries and not being mean but the ones I have used suck because the cannabis oils either float up to the top or they leave a nasty ring around the tub. This is because it is not fully emulsified therefor it cannot penetrate into your tissues so they are a waste.


Making cannabis bath salts is a two step process. First you make the concentrated cannabis bath base. Second you add the concentrated cannabis bath base to salt and aloe vera mixture and finish by adding your essential oils 

Making the Bath Base:

Start with authentic dried de seeded Sapindus Mukorossi berries (aka soap nut or soap berry. Comes from the Himalayas  and is the centerpiece for the emulsion techniques you will learn when creating baths soaks and washes. The soap berry emulsifies the oils and distributes them into the water, penetrating deeply into your skin instead of floating on the surface. Soap berries can be found in your health food store in the laundry section)

(Soap Berries are part of the traditional Ayurveda pharmacopoeia and have been used for thousands of years for skin and hair health. They are also great for their anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and can only be complimented with the herb cannabis… DO NOT USE ANY PRE PREPARED SOAP BERRY PRODUCT ONLY THE RAW PRODUCT AND USE IT EXACTLY AS EXPLAINED )

In my basic recipes I like to prepare the bath base with citrus peels and lavender  because i am not really fond of the smell of the soap berries and cannabis alone but it is really a matter of preference, in my opinion it enhances the aromatherapy experience but it can be done alone with no fragrances or extra aroma “spice” they are not necessary in the basic process that combines the bath base with bath salts to produce a fully emulsified cannabis bath.

I like to make 5 portions at a time. Each one contains approximately a gram of hashish or 3 grams of top shelf flower. It really is suggested that you play around with it and see what works best for you you can always do more never less. It really depends on your preference and what you are hoping to accomplish, these recipes can be gentle or intense that is entirely up to you and why it is DIY….

(ok so use finely ground flower, hashish or keif)

what you need is this 1/2 teaspoon (2 grams) sunflower lecithin

1 tablespoon pure 100% unprocessed olive or sunflower oil (the amount should be just enough to cover the ground herb)

12 grams or more of potent dried finely ground flower or 6 to 8 grams hash or kief

60 whole de seeded soap berries split in half

about 3 grams or a tablespoon of dried lavender of several fresh sprigs

peelings from a lemon or orange

1 liter of water

2 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel scraped from the plant leaf

Now what you need to do is melt the sunflower lecithin in the oil. Pour this hot oil over the cannibus and allow it to marinate as you prepare your soap berries

Rinse the dried soap berries in warm water once and QUICKLY drain.

Add the soap berries the citrus peel and the lavender to a bowl. Set aside

Bring the water to a soft boil and add to the bowl and cover. Let this sit and steep for 6 to 8 hours to extract the saponins and other essential nutrients from the herbs.

after this extraction put the mixture in a pot on the stove and add the marinated cannabis and aloe vera gel scraped fresh from the leaf.

simmer this mixture on low simmer and frequently smash and stir until there is half the original amount of liquid or less. This should take about 45 minutes to an hour. pay close attention do not allow it to burn. The plant material will be very mushy or pulpy at the correct end stage.

remove from the stove and allow mixture to cool to a warm to the touch temperature.

use cheese cloth or a very small strainer a nylon or cloth bag to strain and extract or squeeze as much juice as possible from the mixture into a bowl.

Now you have a strong bath base mixture it should be between 1 and 2 cups of thick gravy like liquid. Set aside the soap berries and cannabis flower mixture to be used in poultice wraps or for foot soak recipes that I can share with you when I have time… (You can easily do another full extraction with this material by repeating this simmering cycle with the liter of water as above. I have had people tell me they ran it through 3 times. I always only do it once because I like the full strength but they say it is just as effective)


Now For The Bath Salts

you will be adding essential oils and herbs at this point. It is ideal to have the bath base warm. If you froze the mixture then you will need to warm it up before making the bath salts.

you will need 2 cups of course Himalayan pink salt, ancient salt or sea salt I prefer the Himalayan pink salt

2 tablespoons fresh aloe vera gel scraped directly from the leaf

1 portion of the cannabis bath mixture (remember we made enough for 3 to 5 baths depending on your strength preference)

assorted essential oils if desired for the aromatherapy blend

using a large mortar and pestle or a large glass mixing bowl pour in the salt

scrape the aloe vera gel from the leaf and mash into the salt until dissolved

add the portion of the cannabis bath mixture above

add drops of the essential oils of your choice to your taste and gently fold into the mixture…

That’s it guys!!!Refrigerate up to two weeks freeze up to 6 months or use immediately

It is important to take into account that the final result in your bath will have a different fragrance than the final concentrated bath salt portions. The scents of the soap berries, lemon peels, and lavender dissipate and reveal a lovely aromatic experience from the other ingredients. And again if you want a fragrance free experience just omit the essential oils…..

I hope this helps and I apologize for it taking so long to post after promised



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