CBD Living Water

Nano Amplified CBD Living Water is absolutely changing my life. Seriously. Water For Living it is so very true when they say water is life. But this is not just any water. It is literally life.

The people at CBD Living have aquired an amazing technology that allows them to use quantum physics and they nano size CBD into tiny particles one millionth of their original size, they then encapsulate them into a water cluster and infuse them in 7.4 PH water.

This process allows the Nano Sized CBD to immediately penetrate into your cells past the blood brain barrier and gives the body immediate 100percent bio availability giving an amplified effect.

The packaging says that it helps with Cells, heart,muscle,energy,metabolism,red blood cells, nerve cells, energy,high blood pressure, provided anti oxidants, heart failure,cancer,muscular dystrophy, boosts energy and speeds recovery, muscle pain, strengthens amine system and improves athletic performance helping the body to feel better and heal from the inside out.

I do not know about all of that but what I do know is this. The US Govt holds patent number 6630507 that clearly states cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of a wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic age related inflammatory and auto immune diseases.

Why would the government have a patent on it if there were not some validity to our claim that it provides massive elevation of symptoms associated with chronic and auto immune disorders.

What I can tell you is this not being a scientist or a doctor just me a person who has been suffering for over a decade with cancer Lyme and mesh related complications. I have been on cannabis oil for over a year and have seen great benefits. But the downside to consuming such large quantities of cannabis oil is it makes you so damn sluggish and tired all the time. Well not anymore. For some reason this water is negating the high from the oil. Let’s even take that farther and say it has eliminated much of the swelling and joint pain I constantly feel. I feel more alert my energy is returning and I don’t feel high all day when I drink it.

Thing is I hate drinking water. I have always had a hard time with it. But I do not with this water. I look forward to drinking it. I seriously think it’s even helping with my anxiety and depression. I can’t be for sure but what I am sure of is since I started drinking this water two weeks ago my anxiety is controllable and though I still start to obsess and slip into depression I don’t I am able to reel my thoughts back in and stay on task. It seems to be helping with my focus and attention span.

I know I know water does all this? No they are not paying me to write this. In fact if they tried I’d blast them I am after all The Truth Fairy.

They have added a few other ingriedients like Coenzyme Q10 which is a substance similar to a vitamin that is found in every cell of your body and when it’s depleted is when you see cancer etc. They also add B12 which is essential for good health.

The thing that surprises me is even with these added things it’s good water you cannot taste any of the additives and it taste way better than any tap or bottled water I have eve drank. And I’m drinking water! That has been a life long struggle for me and probably has had a hand in my illnesses. I drink two bottles of this water a day on average I am hooked.

The only downfall I can see to this water is the cost. However when you look at the benefits it is well worth the price. People spend money on Starbucks and garbage sodas etc all day everyday and it does nothing good for you. This water is literally life. It is the future of water and it is here today.

I am so grateful to have this available to me and I am 100 percent convinced that it is giving me my life back. At 49 years old after suffering for a decade and a half cannabis oil and CBD Living Water are the tools that will always be in my tool chest.


800 940 3660

Get your water today! It can be shipped anywhere in the world and it’s a game changer.  Tell them Valorie sent you and perhaps you can get a little bit of a price break just tell them Yes I Said That!!!!

2 thoughts on “CBD Living Water

  1. There’s no cbd in this water at all. It’s all marketing and bullshit. You cannot make cbd invisible or tasteless by shrinking the partitle size, and you cannot make an oil like cbd water soluble without an emulsifier. A team of doctors? Who are they? Quantum physics? Yeah right.. this water comes from the solar rain plant in so Cal and is the same exact product.as all their other plain ol water with a different label.

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    1. Can you please contact me? 213)332-5840 you are the third person to come at me like this therefor I had the water tested and it does not show what the label says. I went back to Bill the owner and asked him about this. He made up an excuse that SC Labs cannot test for nano sized CBD and I am trying to find a place that can. If you notice I am no longer actively promoting them. I am trying to get facts and actual lab results that they can not argue with. I was upset about the price and now that I am hearing all of this I believe even more in the placebo effect because I convinced myself it was helping me until I started getting all of this flack. I truly appreciate you speaking up. I never want to mislead sick people as it has happened to me more times than I can count.


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